Social Committee Meeting 2018.05.03

SUMMER BALL Wristbands ordered CG Photobooth(s) – IR – May have to use two companies – No mirror – Goofbooth have two! Flower Wall – JO – Overall around £300 […]

Social Committee Meeting 2018.04.25

Social Comm photo 5th May – 13:35 SUMMER BALL Wristband design – CG, will give you numbers on Friday 27th Date to visit venue – CM and JO– whenever suits […]

Social Committee Meeting 2018.03.12

Thank you to all for Refreshers and Feast Summer Ball Congrats to JO for getting summer ball manager 2nd June – Derwent Manor – until 3am Theme: Midsummer night’s dream […]

Social Committee Meeting 2018.02.08

Aggression Sessions Feast ents tickets not sold out – on same night as aggression sessions, so may possibly do an aggression sessions ticket at a cheaper price? – At least […]

Social Committee Meeting 2018.01.29

Met with production company this afternoon Tickets sold out v quickly Social Comm members need to check if they still want to go to dinner ASAP (by Weds) Design HJ […]

Social Committee Meeting 2018.01.18

Agenda 1) Refreshers • silent disco set up and clear down • Digi Monday 2) Feast • feast manager: IR • theme • wristbands • HJ– theme reveal cover photo […]

Social Committee Meeting 2017.12.04

Michaelmas Ball Feedback People liked decorations Few blips but overall good Blips including coaches charging us for sick, venue charging us for removing plants from plant pots, photobooth didn’t arrive […]

Social Committee Meeting 2017.10.19

Photographers Contacted 4 photographers – only two available – HT-£170 – MN-£125 MN did Johns fashion show – got some fairly good photos Maybe mention to HT that we’ve got […]

Social Committee Meeting 2014.11.21

Conference Room 1. Apologies & Absences Apologies: MT, OW, AG Absences: DM 2. Ball Bedrief Major ents – Wanted more DJ – Might have preferred jazz type music during the […]

Social Committee Meeting 2014.11.01

Brooks Bar Apologies – DM, OE, MT 1. General Ball Business RR is happy now G? – Finalised a ride – The Twister managed to get a generator J? – […]