Cuth’s maintains two bars, one on each site. The Bailey Bar, as it is fondly known by its punters, has a traditional layout and look. It has a darts board, beer garden and a back-bar for pre-planned events. 

The Bailey Bar hosts regular events such as our open mic night Cuth’s Live, large social events (like The Feast and Cuth’s does Eurovision) and welcomes socials and bailey bar crawls. There are 3 TVs at the Bailey Bar, plus a big screen projector which shows all major sporting events including rugby, football, tennis and cricket.

Brooks Bar on Parson’s Field is our second bar and recently recieved a 5 figure renovation 

One of the largest events in Cuth’s, Brooks Friday is held here and has featured legendary performers such as DJ Dave B of Jimmy Allens Fame and our very own VimmSpace.

The Brooks JCR located next to the bar is home to the University’s best pool table, sofas and a 50″ TV.

Want to #BleedGreen right from the start? The Frog, our new college drink, is a good place to start – it’s a historic concoction of beer, cider and spirits. Whilst you’re there, make sure to say “Hi” to our Bar Mascots Lash Penguin (Bailey Bar), and Splash Penguin (Lash’s twin, over in Brooks). They’re the longest serving members of Cuth’s Bar.

Both bars are run by students, and job applications to become part of the bar staff open in Michaelmas and Easter term.

Questions, queries or suggestions? Email the Bar Steward at


…within the Society itself, members were remarkably contented with their lot. They treasured what they saw as their liberty, indulged their taste for mutiny whenever the opportunity presented itself, took a perverse pride in their grim reputation, and regarded the colleges with amused contempt. The bar operated at a loss, despite an impressive turnover…

– Henry Tudor 

St Cuthbert’s Society 1888-1988