Cuth's Welfare

St Cuthbert’s JCR provides a non-judgemental, non-advisory and confidential listening and signposting service. The JCR Welfare Officers are students elected by the members of the JCR and here to provide peer support for you. They also form a link to the other forms of help within the College and University.

The Welfare Officers for 2023-24 are:

  • Dan (he/him): Senior Welfare Officer
  • Will (he/him): Male Welfare Officer
  • Louise (she/her): Female Welfare Officer
  • Ella (she/her): Welfare Officer
College Student Support is managed by College Officers – college staff who are your point of contact if you need day-to-day support for the issues you are facing. College Student Support is especially important if you feel that your issues are having a negative impact on your studies.
The student support office can be contacted on for those preferring to talk to a member of staff.

In emergencies please contact the porters.
Samaritans: 116 123

To help organise and manage the running of welfare campaigns we additionally have a Campaigns Manager and a Campaigns Team. The Campaigns team is a team of 7 people, who run informative and educational campaigns that aim to tackle stigmas surrounding mental and sexual health. They run events like pub quizzes, karaoke and brunches and much more!

You could to be on the Campaigns Team; with applications opening during freshers week until the week after. Make sure to keep an eye out!

The teams consists of:

  • The Welfare Team and Campaigns Manager 
  • Our Marginalised Group Reps (POC Rep, Working Class Students Rep, LGBTQ+ Rep, Students with Disabilities Rep and International Students Rep). As well as our Postgraduate Students Rep and Mature Students Rep. These members are apart of the team to make sure our campaigns are accessible to every member of our community.
  • The President and Vice-President
  • As well as 7 general members of the team who contribute ideas towards campaigns as well as aid the rest of the welfare campaigns team.

If you have any questions about Campaigns or anything we provide here at welfare, please feel free to contact Dan the Senior Welfare Officer

Daniel Mercer - Senior Welfare Officer
Louise Newberry - Female Welfare Officer
Will Gande - Male Welfare Officer
Ella Coates - Welfare Officer
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Welfare Resources

Cuths Welfare have a huge range of resources for you should you need them. Here are important welfare resources, including our Welfare Handbook, and links to other resources we offer!

University Support

Durham University provide many forms of specialised support, such as the Counselling Service, Disabilities Service, and Student Union Advice Services. For more information on these, click here.

Order Sexual Health Supplies

If you want to request sexual health supplies (including condoms, lube, dental dams and pregnancy tests) place an order with the new online order form!

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The Welfare Officers appoint a Campaigns Team each year, who run campaigns within college. Anyone in the JCR can apply to be a member of this Campaigns Team. Campaigns are managed by the Campaigns Manager.