Funding & Finance Resource Bank

University Funding Bank

Here is the University’s collation of its financial support.


Cuth's Library @ Home

If you are at home without vital books for study, you can order them home free of charge. Please check Cuth’s Library has the book first (you can do this in the main library catalogue).

Book Order Form

If you need a book and neither the Billy B or Cuth’s has it, you can order it here free of charge!

JCR Covid Fund

Please email if you are in need of any technology that the JCR could buy and loan out to members (e.g keyboards, tablets, headsets, webcams). Laptops are not available at this time. If you are in need of a laptop please email

Add CIS Laptop Finance

This is a central fund headed up by CIS. It is restricted to Home Students on income below 42k as confirmed via student finance, but they do also have discounts that students can use for those that don’t meet the criteria to apply.


Covid Recovery Fund

This is a central fund available for all students on income below 62k. This fund is for those who have been significantly impact via COVID, so if their support income (Parents or family) have lost their jobs or on furlough and this understandably means they can’t provide the same level of financial support – this fund can help.

Student Support Fund

This is a central fund available to all students. The fund is there to support students with essential costs of being student for example accommodation, utilities, travel, clothing and disability costs to name a few – if they have experienced a change in circumstances that has left them in financial hardship.

Student Employability Fund

This is a careers fund available to all students based on household income below 42K. This is to provide contribution toward the cost of travel and/or clothing for attending external recruitment activities and employability development experiences.

Cuth's Development Bursaries & Grants

This is a College fund available to all students. The fund provides grants to help aid student personal and academic development.

Emergency Loans

If a student finds themselves in an immediate need, College can arrange an emergency loan to cover cost of food for example. If a student has an issue with access to money or experiences fraud or an unforeseen delay in receiving funds, we can support with small emergency loan.