Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the day-to-day running of the Society and represents the views of the JCR to the college and the University.


President of the Society
Saskia Wootton-Cane
Vice President
Michael Power
Finance and Compliance Officer
Maddy Wilson
Eleanor Radcliffe
Senior Welfare Officer
Emma Stephens
Communities Officer
Eduardo Enamorado 
Outreach Committee Chair
Lottie Brand
JCR Chair
Ben Thomas
Sports and Societies Chair
Tom Bowers
Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Chair
Jack Simmonds
Social Committee Chair
Serena Smart
Publicity and Relations Officer
Rowan May
Facilities Manager
Matt Fox

Governance Committee

Governance Committee (GovComm) are in charge of running JCR Meetings and elections, as well as maintaining the governance of the JCR.

There are eight members of GovComm:

  • JCR Chair
  • Senior Returning Officer (SRO)
  • 3x Junior Returning Officers (JROs)
  • Stool

The President and Vice-President also sit on GovComm.

The role of the JCR Chair is to organise and chair JCR Meetings, as well maintain the Standing Orders and Constitution of the Society. It is their role to advise members on issues of governance and assist with the running of motions. They’re helped by the Stool. The Chair also sits on the Executive Committee.

The SRO is in charge of running elections, which are held in the second half of JCR Meetings. They’re assisted by the three JROs, who work together to ensure that elections are fair and run smoothly. 

The three JROs and the Stool are elected in the first meeting of the year, so if you want to get involved in GovComm, email the SRO (details below). These roles require no experience whatsoever, and are a great way of getting involved in Cuth’s!

If you want to get in touch about motions or governance, you can email the Chair at If you want to get in touch with the SRO about elections, you can email

Ben Thomas - JCR Chair

Finance Committee

Finance comm manages the JCR’s finances, and getting involved is a great way to see how the whole JCR operates. It’s also great for getting financial experience, from bookkeeping and budgeting to VAT and the charities commission.

Finance Comm is a great way to get involved with Cuth’s and to gain experience working in Finance!

Finance committee help the FCO pass and adjust budgets and can approve significant spends for the JCR. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience managing the accounts of an independent charity turning over £150,000.

Finance Committee has several purposes:

  • to assist the FCO in their duties;
  • to ensure financial motions submitted to JCR Meetings are reasonable and legitimate;
  • to oversee the use of JCR assets by the Excutive and Library Committees as well as the Senior Clubs and Societies.



Finance Committee consists of the following people:

  • President of the Society
  • Vice-President
  • FCO
  • 4 Finance Committee members

How Can I get Involved?

The 4 positions in the committee will be elected through application and interview once term has started! Look out for posts on the Freshers’ facebook group or email me (Maddy) at!

Maddy Wilson - Finance & Compliance Officer

Welfare Committee

St Cuthberts Society JCR provides students peer-to-peer support through our Welfare Committee. Our 3 Student Welfare Officers are elected by members of the JCR and provide a confidential, non-judgemental and non-advisory listening and signposting service through their regular drop-ins, as well as providing free sexual health supplies, which can be ordered using the order form on the website. If you need a chat, or need help finding the right support, you Officers for 2020-2021 are:
  • Emma – Senior Welfare Officer

We also have a Campaigns team, lead by our Campaigns Manager, who run regular campaigns and events with the aim to educate and inform, and tackle stigma surrounding mental and sexual health. If you are passionate about raising awareness for these topics, you can apply to be part of our campaigns team in early Michaelmas term – keep an eye out for applications!

Emma Stephens - Senior Welfare Officer

Communities Committee

The Communities Committee is responsible for strengthening our college community through members of minority groups. Its purpose is the supervision and assistance of activities relating to working class and local students, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and international students. We organise campaigns to promote and ensure the wellbeing of these students, as well as providing different support services to present relevant issues such as integration, special arrangements, opportunities and representation to the Executive Committee, SU committee and/or any other suitable bodies. We facilitate discussions and collaboration to ensure all voices are heard in all relevant discussions, groups and undertakings within Cuth’s JCR and Durham University. Anyone can advise the Committee and bring forward their proposal for events and campaigns.

We work closely with the Welfare Committee to provide a confidential, non-judgemental and non-advisory listening support service. If you ever want to report a concern relating to social or systemic factors affecting your wellbeing, send us an email or pop into one of the drop-in hours. The Committee is Chaired by the Communities Officer and is currently formed by elected representatives. Watch our for any updates regarding vacant positions and elections.

The Current Committee Consists of:

1) President of the Society,
2) Vice-President,
3) Students with Disabilities (SWD) Representative,
4) Working Class Students’ Representative,
5) LGBT+ Representative,
6) Ethnic Minorities Representative,
7) International Representative,

8) Local Students’ Rep

9) Assistant Students with Disabilities Representative,
10) Assistant Working Class Students’ Representative,
11) Assistant LGBT+ Representative,
12) Transgender and Non-Binary Representative,
13) Assistant Ethnic Minorities Representative,
14) Assistant International Representative.


LGBT+ Rep-

Working Class Students’ Rep-

Ethnic Minority Rep-

Local Student’s Rep-

Students with Disabilities Rep-

Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee meets every two weeks to plan the charitable ventures of Cuth’s JCR.

Outreach Committee meets every two weeks to plan the charitable ventures of Cuth’s JCR. We focus on fundraising, volunteering opportunities and project work. Every member of the committee has their own role, such as ‘Project Manager’ or ‘Event Manager’ and we work with the DUCK Representatives and SCA representative to provide opportunities to our students and support local, national and international charities.

Postgraduate and Mature Students' Committee

Postgraduate Committee represents all postgraduate members of the JCR, as well as running postgraduate events including postgraduate welcome week.

In most other colleges, postgraduates are organised into MCRs (Middle Common Rooms). However, at Cuth’s, we do things a bit differently and are all under the JCR (Junior Common Room). Within the JCR, we have a Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep, who is responsible for making sure the views and concerns of postgraduate students are represented in the JCR. The Rep chairs the Postgraduate Committee, which meets at least twice a term to organise and put together various events, both academic and social, for the benefit of the whole postgraduate community.

The purpose of the Postgraduate Committee is to assist and support the Postgraduate and Mature Students Rep, to organise and put on events of both an academic and social nature that are of benefit to the entire postgraduate community at Cuth’s, and to represent the views and concerns of the postgraduates within the JCR as a whole.


The roles on the Committee are:

  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Vice-President
  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Treasurer
  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Social Secretary
  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Academic Representative
  • Mature Students’ Representative
  • Postgraduate Representative
  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ International Representative
  • Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Students’ Union Representative
  • Fourth Year Representative
  • Postgraduate Welfare Representative

All roles on the postgraduate committee are meant to support and represent the postgraduate students of Cuth’s, to ensure they are taken into account within the JCR and to further develop the community as a whole. Being involved is not only a great experience for you and looks great on the CV, but also can go a long way in the postgraduate community itself.

If you wish to get in touch with the committee, email

Jack Simmonds - Postgraduate and Mature Students' Chair

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for overseeing all JCR owned facilities. They manage the two gyms (one at Parson’s Field and one on the Bailey), the music room (in Fonteyn Court) as well as all technology and equipment used for events (referred to as the Green Machine). They also hire equipment to other colleges to generate additional income for the JCR.

Positions on the Committee are:

  • Gym Manager
  • Green Machine and Hires Manager
  • Green Machine Technician x3

If you have any queries, email

Matt Fox - Facilities Manager

Library Committee

The Library Committee is made up of a team of dedicated students who together run Cuth’s Library. As the only student-run college in Durham, Cuth’s library is built on the participation of the volunteers, so our committee is definitely important. Library Committee meetings happen on an irregular basis, but at least once a term. The positions that make up the committee are:
1) Librarian – elected via Method I in JCR Meeting 2.3.
2) Assistant Librarian – elected via Method I in JCR Meeting 1.2.
3) 4 x Stock Managers (paid) – elected via Method III, by online application
4) Volunteer librarians – elected via Method III, by online application
The committee is run by the librarian who holds overall responsibility over the running of the library, employing the stock managers and volunteers, ordering books, etc. The assistant librarian typically organizes book club and has other more general library responsibilities. The paid stock managers are typically in charge of keeping the free coffee, tea and biscuit stock in check, but they also help with incoming book orders and lots more. The volunteers typically get one 3-hour shift a week where they come and sit in the library in case anyone has any questions or wants to loan out a book. It’s a great way to have a guaranteed study space!

If you have any questions at all, email me at Stock Manager and volunteer applications will be coming out around one week after Fresher’s week so make sure to follow us on Facebook (@Cuthslibrary) and Instagram (@cuths_library) for updates.

Social Committee

Social Committee runs all JCR social events that take place each year, including Freshers Week, Cuth’s Day and the Feast of St. Cuthbert.

The social committee make up the team of people who assist the social chair with the organisation and running of events. The committee is decided by application, and the process is run in Michaelmas term. Positions include:

  • Michaelmas Ball Manager
  • Feast Manager
  • Cuth’s Day Manager
  • Formals Manager
The president and vice-president also sit on Social Committee for advisory purposes, and the Committee is run by the Social Chair. If you wish to get in touch with the Social Chair, email
Serena Smart - Social Chair

Environment Committee

Environment Committee aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and reduce the carbon footprint of the JCR.

SU Committee

SU Committee meets 2-3 times a term to discuss how cuths will vote (on things they want the student’s union to change or address) at SU assembly. It’s a fantastic, easy way to get involved with the JCR and SU, especially for people interested in student politics and university policy. The PR officer chairs the committee, with the JCR president, MCR president, communities officer and three junior SU reps attending.

We will be recruiting junior SU reps in first term, keep an eye out for applications if you want to get involved!

Rowan May - Publicity and Relations Officer