Present: AK, EM, SA, TG, MW, AB, JO, MM, BC, PJ, GZ (late), MR (late)
Setting: Conference Room
Correspondence: IR and LF have stepped down.

MM: There are now those two positions available so tell your friends.
MM: REFRESHERS! It would be great if people could attend some if not all of the events. I will be there. Karaoke- we just need to type people there.
AK: there needs to be someone throughout the night behind the bar doing the songs as D? leaves.
MM: Silent Disco.
AK: You won’t be able to set up until dinner finishes- 7.30.
MM: It stars at 10 so set up at 8. 90s themed. MW and SA and I will DJ. Maybe get MP (Sports & Socs).
MW: MP wants his band to play at Feast. They did the Hild Bede Ball and Formally Lost. They want one free drink of up to £2 per person. Free ents tickets would be nice.
MM: we can’t pay them in drinks.
MM: back to the silent disco. We have to take it down afterwards.
AK: We can leave it outside and take it back afterwards.
MM: The Pub Quiz on Saturday. Who should present?
MM: Acoustic night on Sunday. GZ is on it. Me and AKwill have fun in Newcastle. Keep spreading the word!

MM: Does anyone want to be on a social comm stand on Saturday for Refreshers’ Fair. JO will. Sell tickets there. We have 3 positions available. Play the video from summer ball?

MW: I made a pintrest for the vibes. Made a list of decorations. Black and gold and feathers. Feather headbands as favours? Dining in the dark course.
AK: We were meant to have another dining in the dark formal this term and catering didn’t want to
MW: Would be nice to have nicer menus. AB’s idea for a sigh that says “prohibition ends here”. No one went on the bouncy castle last year (other than MM) so I think we should have a bigger marquee. Cards in the marquee afterwards. I’m going to talk to the union about having poker and cards in there afterwards. Fairly lights and photobooth.
MM: backdrop for photos?
EM: New York cityscape?
MM: once we know marquee prize we will know how much tickets will be. We will try and make ents less – ideally £15 or £18. The problem last year was that the marquee was too expensive.
Small ents, we want some stuff.
SA: Photobooth and dance machine, and marquee, Batak Pro with 1920s background. Candy Floss. Chocolate kebab. The prizes of those can work around out budget. They can swap items around. Didn’t know if we wanted it videoed. They are avi, but I haven’t got back to them. Also found stuff about casino games.
MM: Dance machine in the backbar, and then photobooth in the marquee.
TG: one food van. MW wanted pizza but is relaxed. Found a good one for general fast food. There was a crepe one which is 3.50 for a crepe. They don’t seem to charge for being there. They are avi for the date. Other options were nice but a bit more expensive.
MM: Happy to book them.
GZ: swing dancers will charge the equivalent of 6 ents tickets. In terms of performances they were thinking 2 performances in dinner. Then could say for a little bit of ents to do some flash mobs.
MM: good if they get some people dancing. We’d want them from around 6-6.30 normally so we’d need them a little after.
PJ: I shall be in charge of music again and will talk to MP.
MM: For photographers, I like SH the most because he has nice filters but he has done balls for us before. That or J?. BC will be in charge of that.
AB: I shall be in charge of medical and insurance.
MW: I shall do the snapchat filters and notes.
TG: I shall be in charge of decorations.
MM: Do we want promotion photos?
BC: I hate the idea.
AK: Maybe something to keep for Summer Ball
EM: fireworks, sparklers, cake,
MM: not sure about all of those. I want to project something onto the front of House 12.
AK: could have projections of fireworks.
JO: in Feb there is a local food formal and we need a theme so think of this.