A smaller than usual group in the conference room. AW skypes in.

Present: JC (Vice-President), SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), LE (Summer Ball Manager), EM (President), MW (Social Chair), LJ (Cuth’s Day Manager), AW

Apologies: AG, EW, AK, HR



MW: We should continue planning, but just not sell tickets for now. Things might change very quickly. But don’t book anything yet, just research.

EM: Ask for quotes but stipulate that it’s pending government advice.

MW: Cuth’s day could be much smaller and ad hoc than normal. Student bands would probably play.

SS: People will just be happy if there’s something.

EM: The University don’t know anything. They’re waiting. Our contract with Hardwick means that we have to pay unless they cancel. So we’d prefer the government to forbid it rather than the University.

MW: Government backing has been removed for events with over 1000 people.

EM: I think it’s best to come up with things that we could realistically do. How we could do our own ents. Could we make our own mini golf?

LJ: Benchball.

MW: Ents companies will be looking for anything at that point. Food vendors will either be shut down or keen. College catering could also provide food. Students bands should be able to cover everything.

*AW’s dog enters the conversation.*

MW: So Cuth’s day should be fine. AW thinks there’s a speaker system within Cuth’s that could work.

SS: Durham based food vans are already here.

AW: Corona virus themed Cuth’s day?

LE: Are we still allowed to do it if third term is cancelled?

EM: Us running it is separate from the University but the land is University owned.

MW: it’s feasible that lockdown is over by then.

EM: There are also people who won’t go home. So there will be a student population here.

Summer Ball

LE: Thinking navy and silver theme, with lots of stars. We could have a big moon. Dreamworks vibe. Flying saucers as party favors. Maybe spray some bowls silver and put them in those. Moon themed note cards. A series of big Tarek cards that are the moon, sun and stars as decorations. Perhaps a big piece of fabric with constellations on it. Maybe some star lanterns. Jars with fairy lights on the table. It would be good to make the marquee feeler a little darker. Maybe blue uplighting.

MW: The fairy light curtain could be stars.

LE: Laser tag might be fun. It could be in the smaller room.

Action: SS to look into getting laser tag.

Action: LE to continue working on graphics and note designs and liaising with Production.

Action: LJ to look into food vans.

Action: AW to contact Durham Improvise Music people and ask if they’d like to play at Summer ball.

LE: I think money would be better spent on food than a Tarek card reader. Are fireworks sorted?

EM: That will be inter-collegiate.

MW: Big rides are already sorted. All the classic ones.

Action: LE to look into wristbands.

Action: EM to find out about security.

LE: Can we have a jazz band during the drink’s reception?

Action: EW to look into jazz bands.

MW: I have a cheap photographer sorted. Do we want a dance company?

LE: I don’t think they’ll hold people’s attention.

Action: LJ to find a videographer.

Action: HR to find two more photographers.

Cuth’s Day

LJ: It’s strange, but I want to do sex on the beach as a cocktail.

LE: Maybe with some little umbrellas.

LJ: Some beachy props.

JC: We own 30 yellow deck chairs.

LJ: We will have t-shirts?

MW: Yes.

LJ: We could have a graphic on it, maybe of a palm tree.

Action: LJ and LE to design this.

EM: We could ask people to buy events even if doesn’t happen, I think people will want to.

LJ: Would we still have the stage?

MW: Maybe, maybe not, but we have our own stage.

LJ: Could we have a buckaroo surf board?

SS: Last year someone split their eyebrow open on the surf board and they then had to stop using it.

LJ: We should have some beach volleyball.

SS: College could do fish and chips for us.

LJ: Ice cream should be fairly doable too.

LE: Maybe Quik Cricket?

LJ: I’d like a sand pit.

MW: We could do that ourselves.