Social Committee Meeting 2020.03.16

Setting A smaller than usual group in the conference room. AW skypes in. Present: JC (Vice-President), SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), LE (Summer Ball Manager), EM (President), MW (Social Chair), LJ […]

Social Committee Meeting 2020.01.21

Setting In the conference room, with Greta Thunberg still gazing down on us. HG has to sit on the floor due to lack of seating. Present: MW (Social Chair), HR, […]

Social Committee Meeting 2019.10.31

Setting In the conference room, with a pile of cardboard suitcases in the corner. Present: MW (Social Chair), PJ, JC (Vice-President), LE, SL, HR, LJ, SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), AG, […]

Social Committee Meeting 2019.10.17

Setting In the conference room, LJ is late. Present: MW (Social Chair), JC (Vice-president), EM (President), PJ, HR, SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), AG, AW, SL, EW, LJ, LE Apologies: AK […]

Social Committee Meeting 2019.03.21

Present: CW (Summer Ball Manager), MM (Social Chair), EM (Vice President), TG (Cuth’s Day Manager), PJ (Committee Member), MW (Feast Manager), ZG (Committee Member),  SA(Committee Member),  SS(Committee Member),  AB (Committee […]

Social Committee Meeting 2019.01.16

Present: AK, EM, SA, TG, MW, AB, JO, MM, BC, PJ, GZ (late), MR (late) Absent: Apologies: Setting: Conference Room Correspondence: IR and LF have stepped down. MM: There are […]