Welfare Resources

Your Welfare Team for 2023/24

Dan(he/him) : senior-welfare@cuths.com

Louise(she/her) : female-welfare@cuths.com

Will(he/him) : male-welfare@cuths.com

Ella(she/her) : welfare-officer@cuths.com

We’re here to support you this year – reach out to us via our drop ins or via our emails. We’re here to listen and signpost – giving you a safe space to talk through your feelings and gain access to further support.

We also provide sexual health supplies for free: condoms, lube, pregnancy tests and dental dams! All you have to do is fill out the form on this website:)

Check out the various resources linked below, and as always please do reach out to us! We’re here for you

Our Welfare Team run 4 hours of drop-ins a week each, the timetable for these drop-ins are posted at the beginning of each term on our Welfare Instagram linked below.

Our Welfare Officers have received dedicated training, including Nightline, Active Listening and Mental Health First Aid which enables us to hold 4 hours of drop-ins each week. Our training covers a wide range of issues including topics such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, drugs and alcohol, sexual harassment and rape – no issue is too big or too small.

Drop-ins are a confidential, non-judgemental and non-advisory space, and act as a listening and signposting service. As said before our drop-ins are non-advisory, as we’re not trained professionals yet we can signpost you towards other services if you ask. We are here to listen and support you no matter what so even if you just want a casual chat – that’s what we’re here for too! There is no list of things you come to a welfare officer with it can be anything at all, it is important that you all know we have got your back.

Welfare Handbook

Each year our Senior Welfare Officer creates a Handbook which provides everything you need to know about the support available in Durham. 

It has information about support the JCR offers, College and University Support, and External Support on a range of issues too.

Check out our 2023/2024 Handbook below

welfare handbook front cover

The Welfare Room is located in Refounders at Parsons Field. Refounders is the first building on the Parson’s field site, and you enter through the second door (When any of the welfare officers or marginalised group reps have drop-ins you can pop them a message asking for the door code if you don’t know it). Once in the lobby, turn right and head down the hallway – the welfare room is on the left hand side. If the door is closed, then a drop-in is currently in session. Please feel free to drop by later or during the designated drop-in hours or email the Welfare Reps to organise a time to meet.

As of last year Cuth’s Welfare has been doing alot of work to branch out of the Refounders Welfare Room for students who may be either livers out (people who don’t live in Cuth’s Accommodation) or people who just don’t want to go to Refounders! This means that our Welfare officers and Marginalised group reps can often be found to be holding drop-ins around the University, using places like the Student Union or Teaching and Learning Centre. Our reps would be happy to grab a coffee at the Student Union or TLC Cafe and have an informal non-advisory non-judgmental conversation if that make it easier. Check the @cuths_welfare instagram to see where our reps have their drop-ins!

Get in Touch

Click the link below to find two different forms that allow you to get in touch with a Welfare Officer and/or Marginalised Group Representative for anything you need. This enables you to request an officer to reach out to you, as we know that reaching out first can be hard. You can request to attend a drop-in, or just get in contact with any questions and an officer will get back to you. 

You can find the form below