Welfare Resources

Here you can find the resources that JCR Welfare has to offer!

If you would like more information on anything, or would like to speak to a welfare officer, you can use the form below, or get in touch via email:

  • Senior Welfare Officer: senior-welfare@cuths.com
  • Female Welfare Officer: female-welfare@cuths.com
  • Male Welfare Officer: male-welfare@cuths.com

Welfare Handbook

Each year our welfare officers create a Handbook which provides everything you need to know about the support available in Durham. It has information about support the JCR offers, College and University Support, and External Support on a range of issues too.

Check out our 2021/202 Handbook below!

Get in Touch

This form allows you to get in touch with a Welfare Officer for anything you need. You can request an officer to reach out to you, as we know that reaching out first can be hard. You can also request to attend a drop-in if you wish, or just get in contact with any questions and an officer will get back to you. 

You can find the form below 

Cuth’s Welfare have set up a get home safe network in order to give Cuth’s students other communication options when walking around Durham. Click on the button above to fill out the form to be part of any or all three groups. 

The three groups are:

1)  Walking Home: Used as a tool for you to update when walking anywhere, or to simply let people know that you have arrived to your destination safely

2) Informational Facebook Group: This group will be used for updates on what is happening in Durham and things to be aware of

3) Buddy System: We will match you up with another student or group of students in Cuth’s, whom you can contact individually when you are walking anywhere. you will need to build trust with those you are paired with, and by signing up to the buddy system, you are agreeing that you will not be sharing anything that your buddy/ies may share with you, for their own safety.