Present: CW (Summer Ball Manager), MM (Social Chair), EM (Vice President), TG (Cuth’s Day Manager), PJ (Committee Member), MW (Feast Manager), ZG (Committee Member),  SA(Committee Member),  SS(Committee Member),  AB (Committee Member), BC (Michaelmas Ball Manager)

Absent: MR (Committee Member)

Apologies: AK (President)

Setting: AK’s Flat which is a bit odd as she isn’t here



Cuth’s Day

Summer Ball


Cuth’s Day

TG: we are thinking of a summer of love bohemian hippy theme which ties in with having an ABBA as a tribute band

MM: it’ll be from 10am to 2am. Because we might not go for a massive act we might have money left so can go big on things. Lets talk tributes…

SS: is the Beatles?

MW: can we have Robbie again? everyone lost it when he sang angels and he cried

MM: we can look into it but also want some variation

TG: Queen?

MM: AK wants Fleetwood Mac. Everyone likes them. We will split up tasks when we come back, but is anyone particularly keen to organise something

MW: I would like to do food

SS: Decorations

MM: it will mostly be decorations in the dining hall. Last year we had laser tag but we can do things different in there this year. TG to work with EM for the t-shirts

EM: the person who did the design for the t shirts just wanted some of the t shirts for her portfolio

ZG: is Michael Jackson appropriate? The documentary was bad, but his songs are good…

CW: I still back the actual Venga boys

MM: for the rest we have auditions. TG, me and I guess the new music rep will do that. For food I want the vegan people from last year. No one worry too much about these things after exams. I liked laser tag but I don’t want to keep doing it again

CW: don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Just do it again it people liked it?

SS: can we have Shetland pony rides?

MM: I want to do more with the Wendy garden.

MW: more face painters. Or get them to do smaller designs so they get through more people

CW: the inflatables last year were good

SS: surf machine?


Summer Ball

CW: the theme is Venice carnival – a masquerade ball. They feel a little exclusive. Fire breathers. Renascence music.

MM: the food has already been decided. It’s hard for it to be good when it’s for 1000 people. It’s chicken , but the pudding is really nice. I’ll push them harder to make the vegan options nicer. CW, would you go for a Baroque style?

CW: there is a common theme of striped flag polls which would be doable. Then also having lots of black and gold and then maybe a purple colour.

MM: need it purple too to make it different to feast. Last year we had candles on the tables so we can do that again. the production company have massive masks that they can hang from the ceiling

ZG: how are masks going to work?

MM: when people by tickets we can have an option to also buy a mask- like buying extra wine

CW: instead of a burger van we could have a pizza van we had in first year. I’ll look into that. I also want some ice cream.

MM: we can have some free food by buying the first 500 or so which is alright

SS: Venice rice balls?

CW: Arancini. They are pretty good to be fair

MM: who wants to look into people on stilts?

BC: me

SS: other balls have had those people who go around tables and sing songs about the gossip

MM: we had them before and I liked them

MW: I will look into them and I will look into jugglers

SS: Can we have magicians?

BC: SH wants to do the photography

MM: I want to have at least 3 photographers at the ball

BC: I will look into some new people

TG: the guy that did Palatinalps looked really good

MM: about videos. We want a videographer but a different one to last year. I don’t think it will go with your theme because his music is so up beat. I want the person who did fashion show exec and the Hatfield ball, as I’ve seen theirs and they are really good, he’s also very expensive. And it would be nice to have a student. ZG is going to look into this.

CW: I don’t really mind who does it but can’t we just ask him to not put cheesy music on it.

MM: for music, we need to decide what sort of things we want – bands, choirs etc, because if we don’t specify lots of people will come audition. We can have lots of different bands

ZG: The Get Down

CW: Trevs brass band are really good and do lots of brass takes on popular songs

TG: Mary’s have a good band

MM: auditions are just to see what is out there but then we also book those we want who are bigger

ZG: can we have a better DJ?

MW: I liked last year.

ZG: it reminded me of Jimmy’s

MW: exactly

MM: we have two spare rooms to fill?

SS: Ball pit?

CW: In freshers we had a big version of gladiators where people bat each other down

MM: I worry that that’s just two people at once, but we can have that outside

SS: everyone loved the dance machine at Feast

MM: I was thinking exotic animals? Like sloths

CW: fill the streets with oranges and lob them at each other. Dodgeball type thing?

MM: roller-skating last year had a surprise element, would be nice to have a surprising element

SS: Gondola rides?

MM: Photo wall or background?

AB: cut out faces characters maybe for Cuth’s day

CW; Venice backdrop for photo wall

MM: that might be easier than the flower wall from last year. That was hell

CW: caricatures artists

SS: fireworks?

MM: we will defo have those

CW: fire walks

SS: a fountain

MM: for now, this will do. I might message some of you over Easter with different little tasks.