In the conference room, LJ is late.

Present: MW (Social Chair), JC (Vice-president), EM (President), PJ, HR, SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), AG, AW, SL, EW, LJ, LE

Apologies: AK


Ball Theme

MW: Ball is in just over a month at Beamish Hall. Murder on the Orient Express theme.

SS: 1930s-esque vibes. Murder mystery acted out in between courses. *Massive spoiler, not minuted*. Roulette wheel etc. for ents.

Action: SS to share pinterest link.


MW: Each of you will be given a job to do today. Do it in plenty of time, and tell me if you’re struggling and we can help you. Don’t leave things to the last minute. Come to all the events because that’s why you’re on the committee. You get a discount, and you’re needed for setting up and cleaning. Fine not to go if you have a valid excuse. Don’t be a flake. Have fun. Please go to relevant JCR meetings where social comm members are elected.


MW: We’ll get you to Beamish and set up on the day. You will have time to go home and get ready. Creative people, help SS make her ideas come to life.

SS: Want some ideas from group. LE has already done a job.

Action: PJ will source actors.

MW: We’re getting dodgems. Small ents needed, after talking to SS.

SS: I was thinking a cheese and crackers thing.

MW I would love that.

MW: Music is needed. Been contacted by some people.

*LE arrives*

MW: I’ve done coaches but need people to contact DSU about picking up there. 2 photographers are needed. Notecards. Snapchat filter. Food van. Find out about notes app.

SS: Can we call tables carriages instead?

MW: Yes

Action: AW to do small ents.

Action: HR to sort coach pick ups.

Action: LJ to organise photographers.

Action: SL, AG, LJ and LE to think about decorations

Action: EW to make snapchat filter.

Action: AW to organise food van.

Action: PJ to organise music.

Action: AK to help with decorations.

MW: Send invoices to me before RJ (FCO).

EM: Do you have rough budgets?

MW: Total spend will be ~£25k. A lot goes on food and drinks reception. Production and actors need to be under £3k. Photographers can be £120. But can be more for 2. £200 upper limit.

PJ: Can you share last year’s budget?

SS: Make sure photographers aren’t shit.

MW: We’ll get a photo booth as well. Last year £4k spent on production.

SS: Are we going to make a backdrop?

MW: Up to you. Music altogether £500. Until 2am. Normally DJ 12-2am, bands post-dinner to 12. Just one music room. Also budget for estimated chuns. Damage charges will be passed onto person who caused damage if possible.

EM: We need to clarify who can come.

MW: Let’s get Cuth’s letters.

Action: SS to find out about Cuth’s letters.

MW: Don’t yet know what we’ll need to make. But probably arts and crafts weekend before ball.

Action: AW to contact MB about table app from last year, or find someone else to do it.

SS: I want to run my ideas by you guys. What about a video running during drinks production to make it look like we’re on a train. Breaks just before dinner like train breaking down.

MW: Do it just before dinner, only for 5 minutes.

EM: Might as well have it the whole time.

PJ: How about sound for only 5 minutes?

SS: Not sure if I want jazz or string quartet.

PJ: String quartets are often too quiet.

SS: Don’t want it to be overwhelming.

SL: Same issue for actors. Will there be a performance in between courses?

SS: Yes, and they’ll probably need to be mic-ed up. Can act the same thing in each room. Should be more viewable with two rooms.

SS: Are people game for cheese?

*All game*

SS: Also a chocolate fountain. Do we need more?

AW: Need to be careful of hygiene with chocalate fountain. What about candy floss?

SS: I have contacts for gambling.

MW: Won’t be gambling for money. I’ll find company we used for feast.

SS: So cheese, chocolate fountain, candy floss. Candy floss is vegan, I like vegans. Also photo booth and gambling.

MW: Stretch budget to £1000 with gambling. I’ll re-work numbers and let you all know.

SS: We can’t have alcohol, but what about bubble blowers in champagne vials?

Action: Decorations team to look into ordering 400 of these.

SS: Anything else edible? Maybe moustache truffles because Poirot?

MW: Just champagne.

SS: Maybe flowers? But can’t be real.

MW, PJ: Might look bad.

MW: Real flowers would be very expensive.

SL: Maybe some train-related decorations. Maybe make advert for the Orient Express, or destination list.

AW: Maybe station themed room?

SS: Maybe snow blowing when you arrive.

MW: Didn’t work last year.

Action: SS to investigate snow.

SS: At JCR murder mystery there were clues on the table and context. Maybe some newspaper clippings on tables? We could design and make it ourselves. Any ideas like dried fruit?

PJ: Big train network which can carry notes.

EM: What about wooden train set around table? Can carry notes around each table. We could paint them.

SL: Have notes been designed?

LE: Yes. Ticket themed.

SS: What about random vintage items like typewriters? Ambient typewriters as decorations.

EM: Also retro suitcases.

MW: Production will do that. Any further ideas, contact SS.

MW: Additional homework, watch Poirot.

SL: Story starts in Turkey, so we could use that theme too. Maybe different themed rooms.

SS: Will there be trains on every table? Might be expensive.

MW: Table numbers might be weird.

*EM and AW leave*

LE: Do you like table numbers as they are?

SS: Yes.

*Meeting Adjourned*