In the conference room, with a pile of cardboard suitcases in the corner.

Present: MW (Social Chair), PJ, JC (Vice-President), LE, SL, HR, LJ, SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), AG, EM (President), AW, EW, AK



Update – MW

MW: Been to Beamish with SS, EM and PJ, ents tickets sold out in 30 seconds. Been making table plan and gone well. Durham Grant tickets sorted. Met with Production.

Update – SS

SS: Met with production and discussed things. Decided against some things because they were too expensive. Still waiting on a quote. Agreed on basics like table centrepieces: candelabras with gems and olde lamps. Fog machine, snow effects, lighting in rooms, train noises. Making fake crates so it looks like a station. Vintage shop in Durham is happy to rent things like old suitcases. Went door-to-door finding things for silent auction. Body shop gave a pamper pack for 6, gin bar gave two gin and tonics, Treats gave 2 coffees and 2 cakes, Toni and Guy will give free cut. Some places need to know charity, will be confirmed tomorrow. Little champagne bottles are quite expensive, but we could get mini suitcases which we could fill with chocolates.

SL: How big are suitcases and are they pre-filled?

SS: Not pre-filled.

AG: Also bottle opener keys, but more expensive

PJ: Could name-tags be attached?

AG: Yes, to both

*SS shows photos of suitcases*

*Decision made to use suitcases*

SS: One of the rooms has red-lighting, the smaller room has blue lighting. Do we still have red lampshades for continuity?

AK: I think red would look nice

Updates – General

PJ: Actors are all happy to do it, been briefed by SS. Seem experienced. They have a script from an inter-MCR murder mystery, they’re going to change it slightly to make it older.

SS: We’ll have a series of clues on the tables, actors have until next week to make a character profile which is relevant to the story. We should find a time to mass produce this with creative additions.

MW: We’ll do it at the craft weekend. 16th-17th. Or decorations group can do it themselves. Get to this later.

EM: Will everything definitely get done at that weekend?

MW: Last year we only needed the Saturday.

PJ: Band have been booked. Big Band, Pablo Discobar and the Get Down. Then a DJ who people like.

AG: Cheese table not happening ?. Burger, van, casino tables, photo booth all booked. App for tables will happened

EW: Snapchat filter is ready, will cover whole area.

AG: Been working on decorations, platform signs, stamps

AK: Told I can’t print posters in A3

SL: print 2 on an A2 and cut it in half


LE: Designs notes and place cards and posters, once we have the table plans I’ll design that.

SL: Been working on luggage. Currently only 2 unfinished suitcases. They’ve been time consuming, so I’d need help to make lots.

SS: We can probably rent some too

SL: Waterstones have loads of boxes, so now we have loads. Train tracks will either be made out of cardboard or wooden pallets. Not sure where I’d find them.

MW: Contact EK (bar steward)

HR: Parking spaces sorted. Helped with note cards and looked at trains.

LJ: Booked photographer, it was impossible to get 2 for £200, so we only have 1

SS: Tell them to stand by the entrance at the start, then mingle. Also go to every table during dinner. Also get photos of people arriving for ents.

Action: EW to research buying a fairy light curtain

Additional Jobs

PJ: Need string for namecards.

SS: Thin and not ugly.

Action: SS to buy string

Action: AK and EW to write namecards

Art Weekend

MW: SL will need help, so contact him if you like painting or can construct boxes. Art weekend will be 16th and 17th, not compulsory to attend both.


MW: We’ll go to spags on Tuesday before Michaelmas. We can all make friends and bond. Then go to Cuth’s bar.


HR: Can get mics from Collingwood, but range might be limited. So I’ll need to know required range.

MW: Ask for price

PJ: I estimate 75m

MW: Wine will be annoying

EM: Has to be in halfs because of their licensing. Can’t come out in between meals because people will be focusing on actors. Second half will arrive with starter or by main.

MW: only annoyance will be people not understanding why.

MW: Wristband collection will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of week before ball. Monday for last minute pick ups.