Appointed and overseen by the Campaigns Manager and Welfare Officers; the Campaigns Team work throughout the year to raise awareness of important issues within College.

All the materials and information can be found on our social media pages:

  • Facebook: Cuths Welfare
  • Instagram: cuths_welfare

Our main campaigns this year include the Take Time to Sign campaign, Looking Up in Lockdown campaign, Learning to Learn and the Stress Less campaign though there will be additional campaigns throughout the year.

Our campaigns regularly have competitions with some great prizes, so keep an eye out for information to enter!

Take Time to Sign

Take Time to Sign is a is a campaign to promote information surrounding housing in Durham. Finding the right house can be stressful, and Take Time to Sign encourages students to be fully informed and weigh up all their options before signing a house. There is information on the different housing areas in Durham, things to look out for, common questions for landlords and information on looking for a house during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Looking Up in Lockdown

Looking Up in Lockdown is a campaign to lift peoples spirits in the current restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also aims to highlight the different support options available, and how to help get a friend support for many issues. As its hard for people to reach out currently, its all the more important that people are informed about where to get help if its needed.

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn is a campaign that runs through second term. It aims to encourage people to think about how they learn best, and tailor how you study to your brain is wired. We provide information of learning styles, online learning and imposter syndrome, and 

Stress Less

SHAG Week occurs in Epiphany term and strives to increase sex education and break down the taboo about talking about safe sex. We will offer advice, free contraception and each day will have a new, groovy theme with loads of events taking place. E.g. Men’s health, LGBT+ etc. We will also try and dispel sex myths across posters/social media.