Welfare Campaigns

All throughout the year, we run campaigns that are important to student mental and sexual health. The campaigns are organised by the campaigns manager who works with the JCR Welfare team to help make these campaigns happen. The Campaigns manager oversees the amazing campaigns team who help make resources and run events – these campaigns wouldn’t be possible without them! And everyone is a volunteer, dedicating their time to raise awareness. We care about what you think, so if you think there is something missing from a campaign or something you think we could be doing better, please do get in touch!
Check out our instagram (@cuths_welfare) for more information and resources!
You could to be on the Campaigns Team; with applications opening during freshers week until the week after. Make sure to keep an eye out!
The teams consists of:
  • The Welfare Team and Campaigns Manager
  • Our Marginalised Group Reps (POC Rep, Working Class Students Rep, LGBTQ+ Rep, Students with Disabilities Rep and International Students Rep). As well as our Postgraduate Students Rep and Mature Students Rep. These members are apart of the team to make sure our campaigns are accessible to every member of our community.
  • The President and Vice-President
  • As well as general members of the team who contribute ideas towards campaigns as well as aid the rest of the welfare campaigns team.
If you have any questions about Campaigns or anything we provide here at welfare, please feel free to contact Dan the Senior Welfare Officer senior-welfare@cuths.com.
Check out our slideshow below to see what campaigns we have been running:
We ran a Movement campaign and raised over £600 for Movember! The campaign was a success, and so important to raise awareness for such a good cause. Throughout the campaign we focus on making this campaign for everyone not just cis men, last year we created resources on body positivity inclusive of trans bodies.
Check out the Campaign!
Cuth's Christmas
Over the Holidays we ran a campaign helping to make sure everyone was aware of support available over the holidays. We also ran a 'Classless Cuths' and 'Carers at Cuths' during this time.
Check out the resources!
SHAG week
SHAG Week (Sexual Health, Awareness and Guidance Week) During this week we share lots of information about all things sexual health and awareness related, as well as running a pop-up sexual health supplies stall in college and events like pub quizes to get Cuths talking all things sexual health!
Check out this campaign!
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