Appointed by the Welfare Officers and overseen by the  Assistant Welfare Officers; the Campaigns Team work throughout the year to raise awareness of important issues within College.

The main campaigns this year include the Let’s Talk campaign, Cuth’s Equality and Diversity campaign, SHAGweek and the Self-Care campaign though there will be additional campaigns throughout the year.

Let's Talk Campaign

Let’s Talk is a is a campaign to promote the idea of talking to each other and supporting each other when we’re feeling low. Too many people bottle up their emotions when just talking and getting it off their chest will help ease the burden! The campaign will be run throughout November (in tandem with Movember/Men’s health) and will include a themed formal and acoustic night, handouts/leaflets on how to help friends and posters up throughout college.

Cuths Equality and Diversity Campaign

Cuths Equality and Diversity Campaign celebrates inclusivity within our Cuth’s community. It will kick off with a night in the bar for which we have won £300 worth of funding for (think lots of balloons, cakes, stash, leaflets, posters, different representatives within college/uni) in early December. This will then be followed by a social media/posters in college etc. that will help normalise difference, end stigma and help increase inclusivity, as well as making it clear that anyone can come to the welfare team and talk/access more info.

Treat Yourself Campaign

Treat Yourself is a campaign will run through second term. We will be encouraging students to give new sports and societies a go, give the opportunity to try meditation, create healthy cheap meal recipes, and more. The aim of this campaign is to encourage Cuth’s students to practice self-care to promote a healthy lifestyle. This will hopefully help students deal with uni life stress, and mental and physical health etc.

SHAG week

SHAG Week occurs in Epiphany term and strives to increase sex education and break down the taboo about talking about safe sex. We will offer advice, free contraception and each day will have a new, groovy theme with loads of events taking place. E.g. Men’s health, LGBT+ etc. We will also try and dispel sex myths across posters/social media.

We also plan to campaign to raise awareness for mental illnesses, invisible disabilities, exam concessions, exam techniques, finding housing, and much more.

Additionally we will run Cuth’s Cafe every term. Here, Welfare presents a chance to indulge on hot chocolate/biscuits/tea/coffee and more… some well deserved tender loving care! no need to have any welfare issue, open to all! If you do, please come along and meet some of the welfare team, and find out about what we have to offer.

If you are interested in campaigning email one of the welfare officers!