In the conference room, with Greta Thunberg still gazing down on us. HG has to sit on the floor due to lack of seating.

Present: MW (Social Chair), HR, JC (Vice-President), LJ, AG, AW, SL (Feast Manager), EM (President), EW, PJ, LE, HG (Formals Manager)

Apologies: AK, SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager)


Feast Job Updates

SL: I’m making big Andy Warhol style pictures of Cuth’s celebrities. I’ll share it on the group later. I’d like to do a big sculpture of ice cream out of fabric. We’re going to make lots of large cardboard murals. We hopefully won’t spend much on production.

AW: DJ is booked. He often plays at Klute. His DJ name is Dead W. 3 bands are very keen: Big Band, the Get Down and Witless.

EW: I’ve sorted candy floss, donuts and a photo booth. The bouncy castle was very expensive and very small.

LE: I’m going to sort notes and table plans.

MW: For Michaelmas half the notecards were done by outreach.

SL: We could have double sided notecards including the logo?

MW: Yes. There could be two different types but we should design them all.

LE: I think it’s better to have separate charity cards.

PJ: Security have said it’s fine, and are going to come for a run through.

SL: Can I also get a run through with SC about where I can put decorations?

EM: Yes.

AG: We’re making decorations, aiming for a painting per week.

LJ: One food van is booked, which is burgers. The pizza place want to know about sales and if we can predict for them.

MW: They’d probably sell about 15 more.

LJ: How many more arrive for ents?

MW: 200.

LJ: I’d like a red cocktail that’s not tomato based. The bar will cover it so we just need to design it. Something simple and red would be nice. Possibly with edible glitter.

SL: Labels are on the drive.

HG: Some spirits already have glitter.

HR: Photographer is booked. 7pm-12am for £150. She wants to arrive early to look around.

AW: Can I offer big bands ents tickets as part of the negotiation?

MW: Yes.

Action: HG to sort face painting.

SL: A student would probably do it. They could stay until 12 and then join for ents after. But you can also offer them a small sum.

Action: EW to create a snapchat filter.

Action: HG to find a caricaturist.