Freshers 2023

Congratulations on getting into Cuth’s! This page has all the essential info on Freshers’ Week, Cuth’s and what you need to do before arriving in Durham.

Cuth’s was founded in 1888 by students seeking an alternative to elitist and expensive collegiate life; today, the College offer accommodation and catering, but the JCR (the student body) retains an independent streak. For that reason, we’re often described as ‘traditionally untraditional’.

As President, I’m elected by you to lead the JCR, an independent charity run by and for Cuth’s students. We’ve got a great Freshers’ planned, but get in touch with any questions – I’m here to work for you!



President of the Society



You need to pay the JCR levy to attend most of our events, join any sports or societies, or get involved with anything in Cuth’s, so do it now! More than 90% of Cuth’s chooses to join the JCR…

To pay the levy in instalments please click the form HERE

You should join our Facebook group “Official St Cuthbert’s Society Freshers 2023-24”to stay up to date with Cuth’s.

And also follow our Instagram (@cuthsjcr)!

You’ll receive a checklist from College in your emails (or find it here), make sure you’ve completed all the tasks before arriving! Contact with any questions.

International Students

Arriving at Cuth's from abroad? Here's some info to help you settle in...

Freshers' Week 2023

To take part in Freshers’ Week you need to purchase a wristband. This covers all of the events, activities and clubs throughout the week – and it’s going to be a great one!

We have two types of tickets: with club entry, and without club entry. Both give you access to all of our daytime events and evening events, but you can only access our 5 (five!) club nights with the club ticket.

Wristbands are now only available to purchase upon arrival in Durham, we will be selling them where you come to collect your key. If you’ve already bought one, you can collect it from us then as well.


The Freshers’ Handbook is written by our Vice-President and contains everything you need to know to get started at Cuth’s. Our Senior Welfare Officer writes the Welfare Handbook, providing everything you need to know about the support available in Durham. 

Both are available to download below!

Financial Assistance

The JCR is committed to ensuring our activities are as financially accessible as possible. We offer an option to pay the JCR levy in installments (contact, discounts event tickets for those on the Durham Grant, and, if participating in a sport our society is financially inaccessible, our Participation Fund can subsidise the cost. Find more information on funding and finance resources available across the University here.

Countdown to Freshers'

Freshers Week has arrived!