Cuth’s maintains two bars, one on each site. The Bailey Bar, as it is fondly known by its punters, has a traditional layout and look. It has a darts board, beer garden and a back-bar for pre-planned events. 

The Bailey Bar hosts weekly LGBT+a Rainbow nights, large social events (like The Feast) and welcomes socials and bailey bar crawls. There are 3 TVs at the Bailey Bar, plus a big screen projector which shows all major sporting events including rugby, football, tennis and cricket.

Brooks Bar on Parson’s Field maintains a contemporary aesthetic. It often hosts Acoustic Nights (held by the Alternative Society) and socials, has a darts board and serves as a meeting place and working space during the day.

Next door is the JCR with the University’s best pool table, sofas and a 50″ wall mounted plasma TV.


Our Bailey site accommodation is fully catered, and rooms are available as single rooms or double rooms to suit every student’s needs. All rooms are comfortable in size and plenty of storage space is provided, in addition to the free University wi-fi network, which can be accessed at any time.

Meals are served in the Dining Room, which can seat up to 150 catered or partly catered students at any time. The Dining Room is also the venue for our formals, which take place once a fortnight. Formals can range from black tie to Harry Potter-themed, so every formal is a unique experience. The Bailey also has an on-site, fully-equipped student bar which runs throughout the year, hosting events such as Eurovision and showing sports matches on a projector screen.

Linking the Dining Room to the Bar is the JCR, where students can relax, meet with friends, and get useful information on what is coming up in the college or how to get in touch with members of the Cuth’s exec.

In order to help with your academic work, the Bailey is also where you’ll find our college Library, which is run by fellow students. New books can be ordered into the library if they are unavailable or not owned by St. Cuth’s, which not only increases the number of books we have to loan out, but also provides an excellent alternative to the University library. A computer room with over 20 computers is also free to use next to the library.

Other facilities on the Bailey include our free, fully-equipped weights gym which is run and maintained by Cuth’s students, a study room and as a TV room, complete with sofas, which can be used by any Cuth’s student.

Parsons Field

Our Parsons Field site accommodation offers both self-catered accommodation and part-catered accommodation, in either single rooms or single rooms with en-suites. Single, non-en-suite rooms have easy access to shared bathrooms, which is usually 1 bathroom for every 4 students. Rooms are split over several buildings: Refounders’ House, Brooks House, Fonteyn Court and Parsons Field Court, all within a minute’s walk of each other. All rooms have a similar amount of ample storage space, and each flat has a kitchen space in order for students to prepare, cook and eat their meals.

Parsons Field has its own facilities in addition to the Bailey facilities, including a bar located in Brooks House, which is regularly open in the evenings. Brooks Bar runs weekly events such as pub quizzes and shows live television as well as specific sports matches and programs, which can be requested of the bar staff. 


Adjacent to Brooks Bar is the MCR, which is similar to the JCR on the Bailey, but is also home to our University-renowned pool table and a flat-screen TV.

Parsons Field has its own cardio gym located in Refounders’ House, with rowing machines, running machines and elliptical machines, and spin bikes as well as being one of the only sites in the University which has a music room, full of equipment for any music-oriented student to use. Like the Bailey site, Parsons Field also has a computer room for students to use a study space which is located in Refounders’ House.