Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.11.07

Setting A rainy Thursday, we’re sheltered in the conference room which is filling up with decorations for ball. AB has failed to provide cake. Present: SA (Outreach Chair), JC (Vice-President), […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.10.28

Setting Cake is passed around the conference room, AB complains about the quality and is nominated to provide it next time. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), SA (Outreach Chair), AB […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.01.22

Present: AK (President), EM (VP), AB, DV, HT, IN, KU, LB, SA, TR Absent: FC Apologies: Setting: Kingsgate room in the SU. Agenda Update (EP) Ideas share (all) Meeting Update […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.11.22

Present: EP (Outreach Chair), SA, HT, EM (VP), AB, TR, AC, IN, LB Apologies: DV, KU, FC EP: exciting news, we now have an Outreach Instagram. Everyone follow it! I […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.11.01

Present: EP (Outreach Chair), EM (VP), SA (Events), KU (Publicity Rep), HT, AC, AB, IN (Project Coordinator), TR (DUCK Rep), DV Absent: Apologies: AK (President) Setting: The Conference Room – […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.01.24

Brooks Pub Quizzes Seem to be going well – should definitely have some more. Could potentially do some in Bailey bar, but Brooks is priority. Posts on Facebook Posts don’t […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2017.11.01

Introductions EM- chair HJ – VP E?– project manager Ky?– social media Ki?– events manager Aims Fortnightly bulletins – make outreach more accessible – but we’re allowed a facebook page […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2016.12.11

Agenda Recruiting DUCK Reps Fundraising Ideas Candy Canes Bake Sales (w/ Acoustic Nights) Other Suggestions Volunteering Project Cuth’s Students SCA awareness Apologies TJ (VP) MC (President) Attendees JE (Outreach chair), […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2014.11.26

Outreach Comm 17.00  Conference Room 1. Apologies & Absences Apologies: MT (President), ES Absences: 2. Aims for the Year Increase Cuth’s participation in outeach activities – increasing awareness of existing […]