Brooks Pub Quizzes
Seem to be going well – should definitely have some more.
Could potentially do some in Bailey bar, but Brooks is priority.

Posts on Facebook
Posts don’t reach very far considering the number of people that like the page.
Want more people to like it, and want more engagement – should have a regular schedule of posts – can also include things from SCA and stuff
Aim for three posts a week
Can also have polls (for example choosing what charity for Mismatch)
Sharing individually will also help a lot

Valentine’s Day
Speed dating event – want approx. 20 from each college
Met with Chad’s outreach equivalent – quad is booked for evening of 17th – they need to confirm the charity they’re going to support.
Event starts 8.30, £5 a ticket – going to have Cuth’s big band playing – will get a DJ as well.
Will setup an outreach FIXR to sell tickets
Will decorate on the day
Trying to think of ways to incorporate LGBT-friendly – if there’s enough interest we could setup another one for LGBT month etc?
Thinking maybe 20 from Cuth’s isn’t enough – we can do 20 first, and then sell more if they sell out
There’ll be games/conversation starters as well

Want to do some for people that do outreach things and volunteering – so need some ideas for who to put up
Good for publicity as well
Can do an introduction to the committee one as well
Hopefully we’ll have an SCA rep soon

Post-exams – have teams playing different sports to what they normally do
Charge team of 5 a tenner to join
Work out a good way of doing rounds so there’s a trophy at the end
Three rounds if possible – book fewer venues – bailey gardens e.g. boules, badminton – maybe some things at maiden castle e.g. squash courts – some sort of obstacle course kind of thing
Need to think of things we need to get
Possibility of working with arts and culture week?

Outreach award in college?
Would be nice to have one if there isn’t one at the end of the year

Mary’s are fairly new at being actively outreach-y – see if they have any projects that we can work on together e.g. litter picks, garden stuff

EP (DUCK Rep) had DUCK meeting – idea of putting our money through DUCK (with collections and stuff) – would mean the money would be covered by the insurance and it gets done quickly now (used to take a while)
– We could be keen for this

Some alternatives to pub quiz could be a bingo night at some point