Outreach Committee Meeting 2021.01.20

12 Days Retrospective, Outreach Talks and Social Media Takeovers, Projects, Fundraising, Potential Collaborations within Cuth’s, Outreach Chair Election, Pub Quiz Outreach Committee Meeting 2021.01.20

Outreach Committee Meeting 2020.01.15

Present: SA (Outreach Chair), EM (President), AB (Events Manager), LB, SB (Project Coordinator), HT, LH (Social Media Manager), RH, IN Apologies: JC (Vice-President) Absent: Bingo on Saturday Set up at […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.11.07

Setting A rainy Thursday, we’re sheltered in the conference room which is filling up with decorations for ball. AB has failed to provide cake. Present: SA (Outreach Chair), JC (Vice-President), […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.10.28

Setting Cake is passed around the conference room, AB complains about the quality and is nominated to provide it next time. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), SA (Outreach Chair), AB […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2019.01.22

Present: AK (President), EM (VP), AB, DV, HT, IN, KU, LB, SA, TR Absent: FC Apologies: Setting: Kingsgate room in the SU. Agenda Update (EP) Ideas share (all) Meeting Update […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.11.22

Present: EP (Outreach Chair), SA, HT, EM (VP), AB, TR, AC, IN, LB Apologies: DV, KU, FC EP: exciting news, we now have an Outreach Instagram. Everyone follow it! I […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.11.01

Present: EP (Outreach Chair), EM (VP), SA (Events), KU (Publicity Rep), HT, AC, AB, IN (Project Coordinator), TR (DUCK Rep), DV Absent: Apologies: AK (President) Setting: The Conference Room – […]

Outreach Committee Meeting 2018.01.24

Brooks Pub Quizzes Seem to be going well – should definitely have some more. Could potentially do some in Bailey bar, but Brooks is priority. Posts on Facebook Posts don’t […]