Present: AK (President), EM (VP), AB, DV, HT, IN, KU, LB, SA, TR
Absent: FC
Setting: Kingsgate room in the SU.

Update (EP)
Ideas share (all)

Update (EP)
EP: our total is £1,449 ish without knowing what the naked calendar made. This is really good!
The Pancake race – I did a recky across Prebends bridge, we could do it half way up to Whitegate and I reckon it’s doable there.
SA: I was on Prebends bridge and I got stuck in a Durham school race.
EP: You would have to stop at every line and flip the pancake. I’m going to email HC (Food & Beverage Services Manager) and ask if we can use the kitchen to keep things hot. It will be the 3rd of March which is a Sunday.
People are looking for volunteers to help St Oswald build the church wall that’s fallen down.
SA: I think the gardening society might be keen with that.
DV: Jet North East- it’s a charity that helps refugees and people of colour integrate in society and things like passing the citizenship test and I’ve been emailing the person who coordinates it and they are looking to set up a program that could be a one off in colleges in Newcastle
It might be a good way to help mature students, students of colour or providing proofreading survives of applications and things
Or mentoring partnerships or something- this would either be us coordinating the scheme where we matched them up with people of colour from Cuth’s or something where it was just everyone. There are lots of options so I’m trying to find out what they want the most. It’s more about just waiting to see what they want.
EP: I think we could set something up that is more than a one-off thing.
SA: You can do so it electronically.
IN: I also set up a scheme at my old school for refugee action and I’m still in contact with the person I mentored from Syria and I’m helping him with his English GCSE.
DV: A lot of it is identifying what is useful.
EP: college is keen to set more volunteering projects
DV: Can we think and decide if we want to do a wider mentoring scheme or just open to people for colour? I think the latter is better. And then see how we would recruit.
EP: most people would have something to offer. People who sign up to these things are often committed.
ACTION POINT Ell to put feelers out about interest in this.
DV: We could go to Newcastle to meet these people
Ideas share (all)
EP: I want to hear everyone’s ideas and then have a poll to pick which to do.
SA: I’ve said before about the old people. I want to get in contact with the an old people’s home and then have choir and Big band to collaborate on an afternoon tea. We could go to them or them to us.
HT: A charity take me out which is quite fun. You pay to go in the audience- you just need some people to be the cast.
EP: DUCK was doing one but they aren’t any more
SA: Why aren’t they doing it?
KU: they bit off more than they could chew
EP: that could be fun around valentines which is coming up
AC: A food drive because at the end of term because people throw things away
IN: I want to have something with the Stand Alone campaign and do an awareness week for it. It’s for estranged students and its’ a pledge every uni signs- we’ve just signed it but we don’t do anything to implement the pledge into the colleges
LB: A person auction to do off jobs or something.
SA: Like action off a date.
EM: I feel like college has had an issue with it in the past when it’s been brought up as an idea back in my first year- just a little warning
DV: We can rephrase it.
KU: We did it in grade 12. We can auction teams rather than just people just to do funny things within one day.
EP: That could be fun to do after summative season and exams.
DV: I think the idea is fine but it’s about how you brand it because it was in the national news that something like this happened in Leeds and people weren’t happy. It’s all about the phrasing. Call it a raffle or something.
SA: Imagine if no one bid on you.
AB: Might be for next term but wanted to go into local schools about post 18 options and help with applications and things as there is a low uni acceptance rate and some schools have different levels of support
EM: This was one of the hopes for Framda- we wanted to do sort of subject fairs there, and then also do Project Trust talks in the area so I know some schools.
SA: I go to schools to do science but got mistaken as a y10.
TR: Are we going to have a Valentines formal?
AK: Halfway formal is on the 13th.
TR: We could distribute roses with messages in formal.
AK: Charlotte wants to do this things with welfare where you leave little wholesome notes for people
DV: it might work if it’s set places beforehand.
EP: Don’t want to tread on their toes
SA: Why don’t we just deliver roses?
EP: I just feel like it would be better at formal, plus the text a serenade before Christmas was really awkward and we only did two so it didn’t raise much.
AK: So, for one of the formals, people pay to swap other people, and then swapping them a second time doubles the price. Grey have a table that is laid out for two which gets very funny.
EP: We could really stir some drama. They have an online table plan. In Grey someone payed over a hundred to move someone which is mad. It must add up quickly.
SA: People may pay to get themselves out of someone.
EP: A candle on the table for two would be bants.
AK: We’ve spoken to AE and he will do the program for 4 summer ball tickets which is great.
LB: With Cuth’s gardening we are trying to organise an afternoon of volunteering.
EP: I think all of this is doable but over a few terms, but maybe not the auction one we will think about it.
KU: We could have a form every other week and people sign up to the things they want to do.
EP: I want to do something at the soup kitchen that salvation army runs.
ACTION POINT: EPto contact a soup kitchen.
LB: there is one called food cycle in Chester-Le-Street. I think it’s on Wednesdays and Saturdays and they use things that supermarkets haven’t’ been able to sell.
KU: DUCK did this, they go to bakeries and collect scones and gave them to homeless people which is easy to implement.

ACTION POINT: EPto make a time scale about when all these things are going to be and check it over with college and AKto make sure it’s chill

EP: social, I think we it could be bants.
ACTION POINT: EP to make a pole for dates