Cake is passed around the conference room, AB complains about the quality and is nominated to provide it next time.

Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), SA (Outreach Chair), AB (Events Manager), LB, RH, LH (Social Media Manager), HT, IN, SB (Project Co-ordinator)



Volunteering Projects

SA: I see outreach as volunteering and fundraising. FRAMDA and ruby are ready to go, just waiting on DBS checks. FRAMDA we’re struggling for people, so send people my way if you know anyone. School can’t do any other day, and people can’t to Tuesdays. Rugby we have a date: 11th Nov. First FRAMDA is 5th. Rugby project is coming into a primary school and teaching them rugby. I have some foam rugby balls. DBS not needed immediately for FRAMDA, but need to have applied for one. DBS is needed for rugby.

EM: You can go to 10 volunteering sessions without DBS if it’s on it’s way, that’s Uni policy.

LB: My DSB is through SU not university, is that valid?

SB: The lady said it’s fine if it’s in date.

JET Integration Project

SA: Last year we had a project called JET women’s integration working with female refugees who had just arrived in the country. We accompanied them through various talks and helped them to improve their English and learn about culture. The contact I had has left, and the new contact isn’t replying. She doesn’t seem particularly keen. If they’re not bothered then it’s not worth our time, let’s find somewhere else we’d be more appreciated. JW (Vice-Principal) did some research, and has found 3 options:

1.Based in Durham, part of DASH which is a homelessness charity. DASH vulnerable women project. Homeless or vulnerable women. Could be cutting edge, or intense. We could make a big difference.

2.Chester-Le-Street, there’s a youth centre with a girl’s group. 20 mins on a bus.

3.Asian women’s project in Newcastle, similar to JET but needs a train and an Uber.

SB: Durham is probably better

LH: A lot of people are willing to put in time and effort to something worthwhile.

SB: People are looking for something difficult but worthwhile.

SA: We’d also look to get training for volunteers

EM: What training? Active listening?

SA: Financially, Newcastle project is expensive because of travel. May not be sustainable to go there every time. People shouldn’t need to pay for own transport.

LB: JET was less emotionally taxing so may have been more popular

SA: We’d have to be clear when we explain to people the new direction the project has taken.

RH: Are these charities JW has contacted?

EM: He used to work in social work so has a lot of colleagues. He’s been in contact with them.

Charity Formal

SA: We have a charity formal coming up on 27th Nov. We’d like to do it in memory of Wayne for St Cuthbert’s Hospice. Some of Wayne’s family could come to high table. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations or entertainments?

HT: How did seat swapping go last year?

SA: Don’t think this is the right formal for that, but we should do it at some point

AB: Last year we did it during Cuth’s week

SA: We might be able to around Valentine’s day. Could also do Take Me Out.

RH: Music at the formal would be good

SA: Same music as at memorial might be nice

EM: Or choir could do some songs he liked in order to avoid repetition?

AB: If there’s a representative from the hospice could they talk a bit about it?

SA: I’ve asked them but it’s up to them

SA: Do we contact big band and choir?

LB: Choir perform at formals a lot.

EM: We could have anyone musical

Action: LB to contact AW (music rep) about people performing

Naked Calendar

SA: Ideas for naked calendar charity?

LB: Something along the spirit of this girl can

SA: AC (Sports & Socs) is struggling to get women’s teams.

EM: Could do filtered searches on charities commission website

Action: SA to make a poll for people to vote on charity

SA: FemSoc are keen to know charity before committing.

Michaelmas Ball

SA: Next charity to pick is for ball so start thinking

EM: Theme is Murder on the Orient Express

SA: We also want more advertisement of the charity we’re raising money for. A leaflet on the table is very easy to ignore. Could we put it on notecards?

EM: They’ve been bought. Social comm might not like the aesthetic.

SA: People would use them and then have them to keep

EM: If you made it in keeping with the theme it might be fine. They’re also planning wall art. Posters in keeping with theme would be good and social comm would appreciate them.

SA: Any other ideas?

SB: What do people take home as mementos?

SA: What about place names?

EM: They’ve also already been designed

LB: What about a little card given out with the wristbands. Could look like train tickets.

EM: You could design something similar to notecards but with information on

LB: For Feast and Summer ball we can discuss this earlier because it’s a good idea

RH: What about in the top corner of table numbers board, menu etc. So it’s all over the place

EM: One of the plans is a silent auction, so it could be fed into that.

SA: What is a silent auction?

EM: Set number of prizes, someone says how much they’d pay and the highest bid gets to buy it. Like an auction but written down.


LH: In USA Halloween is bigger. Instead of trick or treat they knock on doors to collect donations for local foodbank.

SA: I like it as an idea

LH: It needs a lot of organisation

SA: We could knock on flats in Parson’s

HT: Could be good at end of term.

SA: Let’s do it nearer Christmas then

12 Days of Outreach

SA: 1st-12th December. Some big events like Silent Disco, some small like raffle.

LB: Could include food collection

LB: Last year shared a story on social media and winner won a naked calendar. Spread word well.

AB: Bingo

SA: Bake sale

SA: Are homeless boxes still in exec office

EM: Yes, but I’m not convinced by them. The way they were packaged some people would get useful boxes and some people wouldn’t. Even though it would be very nice a lot of people wouldn’t find them useful. Would be useful to donate items to a foodbank, or to walk around with a bag asking what people need.

SA: We’ll meet again closer to the time to plan all that

LB: Last year it got left quite last minute

SA: Me and AB will meet this week to plan 12 days, then next week we’ll meet again to get the ball rolling.

EM: Previously it was 12 days of Cuthsmas. One exec member took a day each. It’s nice to do it as outreach but if one day is a JCR meeting can have outreach themed raffle. Or karaoke or Brooks Friday could be related events.


SA: I’m trying to plan a Movember event. Sometimes there’s a pub quiz but it’s not always well attended

LH: Freshers’ quiz was in dining hall which made it a much bigger event

SB: Could we have pre-registered teams? One person could grow a moustache

SA: Only issue is what if no-one on a team can grow facial hair?

LB; Can we bring stick on moustaches

RH: Charity netball match always goes down well. But could be a different sport

LB: Would people be as keen to go if it’s cold?

SA: Netball could be inside.

Action: SA to speak to ES (Senior Welfare Officer) about this

HT: Could have Instagram poll for favourite Movember attempt

LB: Men’s rugby is already doing a Movember fundraiser

SA: Also advertising early is important

Charity Shop Collection

SA: I have 2 big cardboard boxes. I’ll put one in each JCR as charity boxes for charity shops. If people can just throw clothes in then we can collect them

LH: Maybe one in library because some livers out go there more

SA: Do we do it as a short-term drive or just always there?

LH: End of term clear out could work

LB: Maybe not best during summatives and deadlines for people to also have to clear out clothes

HT: At end of each year cleaners give people bags for clothes and books

LB: They were still in Refounders at the start of this year but they’re gone now

Action: SA to speak to college about this


SA: Any other ideas?

RH: What charity was suggested for foodbank?

SA: Beyond Food

LH: What about speed dating?

SA: Outreach social?

AB: yes

*LB becomes social sec*

LB: we should go to Spags

SA: What about outreach stash?

*Many people are keen*

LB: Could you send out agenda day before meeting next time?

SA: Yes

*Meeting Adjourned*