Present: EP (Outreach Chair), SA, HT, EM (VP), AB, TR, AC, IN, LB

Apologies: DV, KU, FC

EP: exciting news, we now have an Outreach Instagram. Everyone follow it! I have just followed everyone who follows Cuth’s JCR.
Basically, just wanted to catch up with everyone and where there events are
LB; the photo day. AK is cool with it and has said we can give away a formal ticket.
EP; we need a prize for the sweets.
Brunch will be a prize for the photo and the formal will be for the sweets.
LB; just about letting people know about it going on really.
EP: Hall is booked for big fat quiz of the year. DV Is on it.
AC: RE film night. Contacted Film soc and they are having licencing problems but they promise they are working on it and well let us know when there are updates.
EP: Might need an alternative idea for the 4th.
AC: they implied that it would be sorted but we don’t know if it actually was.
If they are having licencing issues then we will too.
[DV arrives having got a lift on a motorbike to get here. V. cool]
HT: there is a plan in terms of the serenading but there are a few hurdles. Like where do we have the capacity to go. Also logistical issues about how to time it and how to pay it. But ultimately think it’s doable.
EP: We can make a google poll or sign up thing like you normally would for interviews. We could use Fixr again because we had one of those last year.
EM: I need to take my card details off that.
HT: will text the plan to EP.
IN: Gingerbread house.
ACTION POINT: EM will look to see if there are any cheaper
EP: realistically, how many kits will we need? So hard to guess
IN: I guess it will be first come first serve,
EP: could take unopened ones back. 5?
No one is sure but going with 5.
IN wants to charge by person, but need to find out how much kits cost first.
TR: We need to think about things like how to heat it up,
Ultimately best to find another location because the bar is busy on Friday’s anyway. Maybe DSU? It’s after panto as well. Everything is booked up that week. Dining hall?
EP: panto is going on in there?
LB: the JCR?
DV: Sometimes if you ask Wayne nicely we can move the chairs out
EP: There is a piano in there. Ask catering if we can use a big thing
SA and DV: Welfare has stuff
EP: but that’s for boiling water not mulled wine.
ACTION POINT: EM to see if there is mulled wine at Costco
ACTION POINT: TR to see what’s possible.
EP: The SCR is keen to bake stuff for us. All booked with the DSU
AB: Shoe boxes. 25 shoe boxes for £7 and think this is a good number to aim for. Got wrapping paper and things. Need to get tape probably.
Are we charging for this?
EP: No, it’s just an afternoon of making boxes and being festive.
AB: Any food?
EP: asked if brooks bar could be open but JB (Bar Steward) said no. We can bring left overs from the cake sale the day before if needed.
SA: We could use the welfare kettle to make hot drinks.
DV: Will ask welfare if we can use their stuff.
SA: Ornament making. Sarah can’t do the 10th so asked to do the 1st.
EP: it wouldn’t be a major issue to swap them over.
SA: They are already doing making Christmas cards with the SCR. Sarah doesn’t need to us to order everything.
Is going to book the conference room in the evening about 6-8.
EP: So people can get Bailey dinner and come.
SA: actually would the JCR be more visible.
LB: only issue about swapping the photo completion is that that’s the last week of term so don’t know if people could claim their brunch prize.
EP: Do they not do brunch on the last week of term?
EP: maybe there is something else as a prize? A free naked calendar?
In agreement so changing this prize. Events are now swapped.
EP: the bar has said no about Christmas Karaoke on the Bailey but EA is fighting our case.
EP: Silent disco is all booked.
LB: this is also the night of a floodlit football game so we could do some collecting there.
EP: KU is going to make the event this weekend so then we all have to share it to everyone.
EP: Needs photos and fun facts about all the committee members for the new Instagram so that it doesn’t die.