Executive Committee Meeting 2020.06.15

Setting Over zoom. AC and SA have dialled in together, wearing their matching exec polos. CKG’s boyfriend is also here. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), ES (Senior Welfare […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.03.30

Setting Over Microsoft Teams. CG is minuting because JC is very late. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), SWC (Chair), AJ (Librarian), AC (Sports and Societies Chair), SA (Outreach […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.03.02

Setting In the conference room, with a special guest. JR has to squat against the wall because there aren’t enough chairs. Present: AC (Sports and Socieities Chair), JC (Vice-President), ES […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.02.17

Setting In EM’s flat. We start with a discussion of how much we all hate the vice-chancellor. It’s a challenge to get CG to stop talking about it so we […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.31

Setting In a crowded conference room. I knock over multiple pieces of feast art in my attempt to find a seat. Noone has to sit on the floor now that […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.14

Setting In EM’s flat, and it’s the first meeting of the year. Everyone seems refreshed after their break. AC and EE are late as usual. Present: EM (President), MW (Social […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.11.29

Setting In EM’s flat immediately after SU comm. MR (ethnic minorities rep) is present and responds to EM sassily. RJ is perfect. Present: EM (President), RJ (FCO), JC (Vice-President), MW […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.11.14

Setting In Brooks bar, following the naked calendar shoot. Everyone is now fully dressed again. AC thinks he’s EM’s favourite exec member. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), JR (Facilities Manager), […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.10.28

Setting EM’s flat. AC is late as always. EM is upset at the number of emails she has. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), SM […]