Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.31

Setting In a crowded conference room. I knock over multiple pieces of feast art in my attempt to find a seat. Noone has to sit on the floor now that […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.14

Setting In EM’s flat, and it’s the first meeting of the year. Everyone seems refreshed after their break. AC and EE are late as usual. Present: EM (President), MW (Social […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.11.29

Setting In EM’s flat immediately after SU comm. MR (ethnic minorities rep) is present and responds to EM sassily. RJ is perfect. Present: EM (President), RJ (FCO), JC (Vice-President), MW […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.11.14

Setting In Brooks bar, following the naked calendar shoot. Everyone is now fully dressed again. AC thinks he’s EM’s favourite exec member. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), JR (Facilities Manager), […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.10.28

Setting EM’s flat. AC is late as always. EM is upset at the number of emails she has. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), SM […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.10.11

Setting Brooks bar, before BROOKS FRIDAY. I’m hyped for the new IPA in the bar, but will have to wait. AC is late as usual. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.09.22

Setting President’s flat, everyone is in fancy dress for the social after. Some people arrive late. JR and EE are ridiculously late so RJ provides mango. Present: EM(President),JC(Vice-President),RJ(FCO),MW(Social Chair),AJ(Librarian),ES(Senior Welfare […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.02.26

Present: AK (President), MP (Sports & Socs), EM (VP), SM (Communications), EB (Librarian), JG (Facilities), LM (Senior Welfare), JC (PG & M), EC (Chair), EP (Outreach), MM (Social Chair) Absent: […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.02.07

Present: AK (President), EM (VP), EC (Chair), SM (Communications), EB (Librian), JC (PG & M) (looking iffy), MP (Sports & Socs) (looking red), LM (Senior Welfare), JB (International Rep), MM […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2018.12.04

Present: AK (President), EM (VP), EP (Outreach), JG (Facilities), EB (Librarian), JC (PG & M), MP (Sports & Socs), AB (Treasurer), LM (Senior Welfare), MM (Social Chair), EC (Chair), JB (International […]