Over Microsoft Teams. CG is minuting because JC is very late.

Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), SWC (Chair), AJ (Librarian), AC (Sports and Societies Chair), SA (Outreach Chair), CG (Communications Officer), JR (Facilities Manager), EE (International Rep), MW (Social Chair), SM (Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Committee Chair), ES (Senior Welfare Officer)



JCR Meetings

SWC: SP has re-written stuff about sports and societies elections. JCR meetings are fine except you need to get people to sit down and watch videos. Husts will be a video of people standing and talking, posters and manifestos will be on social media. Every election will be online, it will make everything method one. We will have to do it with more deadlines, then things will be posted online and amendments can be sent, will do a live stream describing motions and amendments.

MW: use the thing that hatfield used with their thing

SWC: I’ll ask them what the app is called, on their thing it’s called “my JCR”, but I will ask their chair. However it has no process for amendments.

RJ: *it’s a bit awkward with the budget meeting, but i haven’t thought about it yet*

SWC: I don’t have much to say

EM: We can do a powerpoint and then put it online, and then people can say their piece on budgets

RJ: I was gonna suggest something for normal jcr meetings, where people can suggest changes

SWC: Voting on motions and elections, it won’t be anon if it’s on facebook.

EM: I wanted google forms but SP is afraid because of one time he has a scandal with the indian society and his friend buying a bot to vote for him 3,000 times.

EM: SP has a lot to say on AGMs

RJ: I’m worried SP will make it complicated, but i think we should use survey monkey.

EM: SP will be raging

SWC: SP is adding stuff in that isn’t relevant, i don’t think now is the time to add stuff in. It’s not the right time to do stuff like reforming agms

AC: i think RJ’s idea is a good idea, this is what I did in my role when societies didn’t have execs

EM: We will talk to SP or have a govcomm meeting

S&S Formal

RJ: We won’t be able to do it in person, a livestream would be nice but something in future where people can collect the physical award, maybe prizegiving formal.

EM: I agree

AC: All good, i have nothing to add

EM: Lots of people won’t be around to do it, might be unreasonable to ask people to come back for unreasonable reasons. Livestream now but have something at the grad ball.

CG: What’s the grad ball?

MW: There’s different levels of awards, two different types of awards, grad ball could be for finalists, fresher of the year could be done at formal next year, colours can be done over livestream

EM: Grad ball is because we’re gonna miss summer ball but we’re gonna use it to have the jcr take over stuff, and so recent alumni come back for a ball in michaelmas. Will be time consuming but will be a nice last memory.

SA: Half colours and other people that aren’t finalists could have awards given at prize giving formal, let’s contact everyone prior

EM: Element of surprise is good

SA: Were you surprised when you got your dlb

EM: No

EM: We could have all awards said on livestream and then again at grad ball

AJ: Will grad ball be open to non grads

EM: Yes but also everyone

*We will still run nominations as normal, nominations will be read out over livestream, but then also announce stuff at grad ball*

Grad Ball

EM: summer ball will be cancelled, we will be able to take over alumni stuff, college is crap at alumni stuff, it would have to be a saturday. Issue is people might not have a place to stay and will be expensive for people

MW: Big events may be cancelled still lol. Would have to be in college because it’s better to spring that on college last minute, and hotels will be booked out for weddings when we’d want to do it.

RJ: I need to put my lamb in the oven

SWC and SM: In college is a nice idea

MW: It should be in college so people can crash in cheap places in Durham city. We would have capacity for 200, so could do two nights of it, but college won’t cater for anymore.

EM: There will be 400 grads

MW: There will be a lot of people who won’t want to come, we could gauge interest with a facebook post, and also we could have hardwick for michaelmas and and have unlimited ents so lots of people could still come. The size is limited by how much we can cook for. We could get 220 people in but idk how many college could cook for

EM: if grads are coming up there’s no way they’d just want to do ents, we could rent out another college, the town hall is nice.

MW: town hall is smaller than cuths, other colleges are probably your best bet

EM: this could still happen in a year from now

*EM and rishi will do that so we can do our online exams*

Cuth’s Day

EM: the way forward could be a livestream but that would be shit, i think we should do an all day podcast, and get all bands to send in recordings

CG: how would bands record?

EM: It wouldn’t have to be a recent recording, I have seen a number of music groups performing together online

SA: Would people listen?

EM: In case someone would want to listen.

*AC’s cousin walks in*

MW: Hello AC’s dad

AC: That’s my cousin not my dad

RJ: This is good but we need a quality mic, and quality recordings

EM: What about a series more than a day? Cuth’s radio?

RJ: Yeah that’s a good idea we could do twenty minutes.

EM: Cool righto

SA: I think it shouldn’t be mentioned about cuth’s day because people could be angry that cuth’s day could be replaced, just like people were angry congregation wouldn’t be in the cathedral, Cuth’s day is about being with people

MW: I completely agree cuth’s day should be postponed and held when social gatherings are allowed.

EM: Putting something on in september? But we are unsure.

SA: What about t-shirts? Could we do a spoof one?

MW: Yes, an ironic one is LJ’s plan.

EM: I like ironic one.

MW: We could do weird spoof Cuth’s day, like whole opposite in winter.

SA: We could put everyone in their gardens

RJ: the general consensus is whenever we can do a big event open to graduates in cuth’s when the bar is open, and people will be happy


EM: What about Cuthgratulations?

SWC: Lets celebrate things because it’s sad and miserable being alone

CG: I want to split it up like a time

MW: On instagram we can do highlights and cuth-gratulate, get people to send in people handing in disses

EM: Put up a post to get people to tag the JCR stuff so we can share it. SWC can be the first one.

CG: Cringes at nominations but hear it’s good

Other Stuff

EM: Can you all send me an email with when you’re going to be done so i know when to start bothering you.

CG: I still wanted to do my housing talk on a livestream and people can comment

AJ: EA said she still wants a book club

EM: If it was on facebook it would be bad because of the SCR

AJ: EA says zoom could be insecure

EM: Let’s do microsoft teams.

AC: *yawns really loud*

EM: Can AJ use all the emails?

EM: Where’s JC? Is there any point in him being here??

SM: The plan for art soc is to get people to use fonts, still do art and have a virtual exhibition somehow

EM: If you have other ideas, on the exec group I have a page you can add your ideas onto

Meeting ends so RJ can play games

My brain:

JC: *comes in*

EM: Everybody go away