Over zoom. AC and SA have dialled in together, wearing their matching exec polos. CKG’s boyfriend is also here.

Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), SM (Postgraduate and Mature Student’s Chair), AJ (Librarian), SWC (Chair), SA (Outreach Chair), AC (Sports and Societies Chair), CKG (Communcations Officer), J (CKG’s Boyfriend), JR (Facilities Manager)

Apologies: EE (International Rep), MW (Social Chair)



RJ: We’re doing it once a week over the next 5 or 6 weeks.

ES: It’s all written and I’ve handed over with ES. Team handover is next week.

JC: Handing over on Friday.

SM: Document is written and we’re handing over this week.

AJ: I’m working on the document and haven’t sorted a date yet.

AC: I haven’t done much, but I’m waiting until after Varsity and awards.

SA: I’ve written it, but I need to handover.

SWC: I’ve written it and were doing it on Thursday.

CKG: I’m writing it and haven’t figured out a date yet.

J: Not until January for me.

Graduation formal

EM: CKG your boyfriend is ruining my meeting.

EM: Here are my ideas. Awards are on Wednesday. That will be me and AC telling you things to make you feel nice. That’s an open zoom call. On 1st July, we’ll have a graduation formal that’s not like a formal. People who are graduating will come together on a zoom call, EA will tell a story, I’ll say some nice things and then people can hang out and chat in their own groups. I went to something similar at Mary’s, and people had signed up via a google form, where they also said who they wanted to sit with. Then they were put in breakout rooms together. And we’ll hopefully have an inspiring woman to speak. I was wondering if a graduand should speak? It would be around 4pm, so that people in different timezones could make it. We’ll encourage people to make and have cake, because it’s nice but also low effort.

*CKG is horrified at the idea of making cake*

AC: You can just buy a cake.

CKG: You could encourage people to say a poem. They could in touch beforehand.

EM: We might do a poll as to what people want along these lines.

RJ: I think it would be nice if we figured out how to do virtual noting.

EM: it could be a google form, but everyone had access to the spreadsheet.

JC: I think it probably makes most sense for one person to just message all the notes out to people on the call.

SM: Last year, the fresher’s photos were up outside. Could we share those during the call?

CKG: On the event there could be a thread that people comment on and tag the person who they want to receive it.

JR: There could be a google from, and then RJ comments and tags the person.

EM: Points to JR.

AC: Will this be open to third years who aren’t graduating?

SA: AC wants to come.

EM: I don’t mind, but I think if friends wanted to come they should be more observing than taking an active part.

AC: Maybe people could bring friends?

EM: Maybe we say it’s not, but if someone asks and says they really want to then we let them?

EM: Should people dress up?

CKG: People could all put the same picture of the dining hall as their zoom background.


JCR meeting

EM: This clashes with the cricket quiz, I’m sure you’re all devastated. Please come to the JCR meeting instead though.

Thank yous

EM: Thank you and you’re all lush. We have important group reflection to do.

Action: Everyone to message EM dates that they can’t do.

AC: If anyone has any great questions about Cuth’s sports and societies for our quiz, let me know.