Executive Committee Meeting 2021.03.16

SU Democracy Review, Emails and google drive compliance, Handovers, Social Chair (or lack thereof), Communities Chair, Extension of Next Term, Sports!, Social Executive Committee Meeting 2021.03.16

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.06.15

Setting Over zoom. AC and SA have dialled in together, wearing their matching exec polos. CKG’s boyfriend is also here. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), ES (Senior Welfare […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.03.30

Setting Over Microsoft Teams. CG is minuting because JC is very late. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), RJ (FCO), SWC (Chair), AJ (Librarian), AC (Sports and Societies Chair), SA (Outreach […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.03.02

Setting In the conference room, with a special guest. JR has to squat against the wall because there aren’t enough chairs. Present: AC (Sports and Socieities Chair), JC (Vice-President), ES […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.02.17

Setting In EM’s flat. We start with a discussion of how much we all hate the vice-chancellor. It’s a challenge to get CG to stop talking about it so we […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.31

Setting In a crowded conference room. I knock over multiple pieces of feast art in my attempt to find a seat. Noone has to sit on the floor now that […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2020.01.14

Setting In EM’s flat, and it’s the first meeting of the year. Everyone seems refreshed after their break. AC and EE are late as usual. Present: EM (President), MW (Social […]

Executive Committee Meeting 2019.11.29

Setting In EM’s flat immediately after SU comm. MR (ethnic minorities rep) is present and responds to EM sassily. RJ is perfect. Present: EM (President), RJ (FCO), JC (Vice-President), MW […]