JCR Meeting 2019.10.21 (1.2)

JCR Meeting 2019-10-21 Setting: In Brooks bar, it’s very crowded and the U-shape makes it awkward. Raffle prizes today include some extremely chocolatey biscuits, LD’s frep jumper, a named Cuth’s […]

JCR Meeting 2019.10.07 (1.1)

JCR Meeting 2019-10-07 Setting: In the Bailey Bar, it’s very full with keen freshers. EMM has given out raffle tickets, with a grand prize of a JCR meeting flowchart signed […]

JCR Meeting 2019.06.18 (Budget)

2019-06-18 Minutes (Budget Meeting) Present: AB (treasurer), EC (chair), AK (president), EM (vice president), JC (PGM rep), SM (communications), EuM (SWD rep), DT (student trustee), RSD, SWK (student trustee), SP […]

JCR Meeting 2019.05.07 (3.1)

JCR Meeting  2019/05/07 Present/ Speaking: AK (President), EMM (vice-president), AB (treasurer), EB (librarian), EP (outreach chair), JC (postgrad and mature students’ rep), SM (communications officer), EC (chair), JG (facilities manager), SWC […]

JCR Meeting 2019.03.11 (2.3)

JCR Meeting, 2019-03-11 Present/ those who speak: AK- president, EMM – vice president, MM – social chair, EP- outreach chair, BE – librarian, RJ- head frep, EC – chair, JB- […]

JCR Meeting 2019.02.28 (2.2)

Absent: Apologies: SeS (social), JG (facilities), GZ (social), TG (social), ZG (social), JO (social) , JOW (welfare campaigns), LM (choir), CA (gym), OMC (JRO), JF (SU comm), JO (formals), JB […]

JCR Meeting 2019.02.10 (2.1)

2019-02-10 JCR Meeting (Presidential Meeting) Apologies: EuM (SWD rep), Ultimate Frisbee, MP (S&S) for start, GZ Absent: Setting: Dining Hall. Snacks are being inhaled. Agenda Exec Reports Motions: Postgraduate Committee […]

JCR Meeting 2018.12.02 (1.4)

Apologies: Ak (President), OMC (JRO), SMa (Fi Comm), LF (Social Comm), AW (Music Room Manager), JW (PG Comm), IR (social comm and women’s darts), MR (social comm), EuM (SwD rep), […]

JCR Meeting 2018.11.08 (1.3)

Setting: Bailey Bar, a nice number of moustaches being rocked Apologies: SoM (fi comm), MWa (SU comm), SM (Communications), GZ (social comm), JW (PG comm), SS (POC rep), ES (Male […]

JCR Meeting 2018.10.18 (1.2)

Apologies RGC (Women’s Football), JOW (welfare campaigns), JS (Welfare campaigns), RH (CRACAS), DV and SS (POC), MG (International welfare), JB (International rep), KU (SCSFS), JG (Facilities), IR (social comm) CA […]