JCR Meeting 2023.10.19 (1.2)

JCR Meeting 2023.10.19 JCR Meeting 1.2 Minutes (19/10/2023) Apologies Approval of Minutes Correspondence Motions  PGM Committee Expansion Motion  Creation of a PGCE Rep and General Member Positions on PGM Comm […]

JCR Meeting 2023.01.29 (2.1)

JCR Meeting 2.1 Minutes Motions  Durham Grant Feast Discount This motion would increase the discount that students on the Durham Grant are eligible for from a third to a fifty […]

JCR Meeting 2023.10.01 (1.1)

JCR Meeting 2023.10.01 Apologies Approval of Minutes Reports Correspondence Motions  Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Representatives Restructure Motion  Mature and Postgraduate students representation on Welfare and Communities Committees  Creation of Cuths […]

JCR Meeting 2023.06.18 (3.3 – Joke Meeting)

JCR Meeting 3.3 Minutes Correspondence Reports and Questions Motions HLM for Hannah Daw Motion This motion proposes that Hannah Daw receives an Honorary Lifetime Membership for Cuth’s JCR. HLM for […]

JCR Meeting 2022.10.17 (1.2)

JCR Meeting 1.2 2022.10.17 Motions: Outreach restructure, POC Society motion, SwD Society Motion, International Society Motion Presidents Inaugural Address Elections: SRO, Assistant Students with Disabilities Representative (II) Assistant Working Class Students’ Representative […]

JCR Meeting 2022.10.02 (1.1)

JCR Meeting 1.1 2022.10.02   Exec reports. Motions: PGM President on Communities Committee, Outreach Committee restructure, Social Committee restructure, SwD Fund and President’s inaugural speech. Elections: JCR Chair, Stool, JRO […]

JCR Meeting 2022.06.09 (3.2)

Motions: Bar Officer Motion Funds Motion Elections: Working Class Students Rep (I) Head Frep (I) Student Trustee (I) Fashion Show President (I) Assistant International Rep (II) PGM VP (II) PGM […]

JCR Meeting 2022.04.28 (3.1)

Exec Reports Other Reports Correspondence Motions: Library Refurbishment Exec Restructure Cuth’s Goes to the Movies Fashion Show Budget Welfare Revamp Bailey Wardrobe Manager Ex-Officio Netball Resubmitted Budget Adele Society Elections: […]

JCR Meeting 2022.03.07 (2.3)

Exec Reports Other Reports Motions Gowns at Cuth’s Cuth’s Crocheting Society Elections PGM President (I) Senior Returning Officer (I) Social Chair (I) Female Welfare Officer (I) Male Welfare Officer (I) […]