JCR Meeting 2021.10.04 (1.1)

Exec Reports Motions JCR Meeting Reports Library Management of the Refounders Computer Room SocialComm Restructure Climbing Budget Outreach Method III Sabbatical Officers’ Salaries Policies Elections Welfare Campaigns Manager (I) Stool […]

JCR Meeting 2021.06.27 (3.3 – Joke Meeting)

Motions (Serious): GovComm Reform Clash of Clans Society   Elections (Serious): Environment Rep Postgrad Treasurer SU Comm Member Careers and Alumni Officer   Motions (Joke): MPs Fresh Trim, GovComm Reforms […]

JCR Meeting 2021.06.22 (3.2)

Motions: Tennis Society Motion (1) Careers & Alumni Relations Officer Motion (2) Mixed Volleyball Motion (3) HLM Motion for Elizabeth Archibald (4) Boatclub Budget Proposal 2021-2022 (5) Overall Budget 2021-22 […]

JCR Meeting 2021.06.14 (Budget)

Budgets for all sports and societies for 2021-2022 JCR Meeting 2021.06.14 (Budget) Budget Meeting 2021 Budgets in full: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SUgnAz8-W-XiYfirVyjm4yAdhH863Pw1?fbclid=IwAR2lEiJeKd75keiN4rRZ-DmKht_JtiapJsEYCayX1AGwKduMqlJEV1sXAMA

JCR Meeting 2021.05.03 (3.1)

Exec Reports Motions Head Frep Holding Other Positions Motion (1) Elections in the Sports and Societies Order (2) Golf Society Motion (3) Elections International Rep (I) EM Rep (I) LGBT+ […]

JCR Meeting 2021.03.15 (2.3)

Minute of Silence in Memory of Sarah Everard, Exec Reports Motions: Motion in Memory of Sarah Everard Harm Reduction Motion Participation Fund Motion Elections: Female Welfare Male Welfare Society Librarian […]

JCR Meeting 2021.02.23 (2.2)

Reports JCR Covid Fund Motion Terms of Office Standing Order update Motion Several auto-VONCs (not discussed due to a Procedural Motion) Facilities Manager JCR Chair Publicity and Relations Officer Sports […]

JCR Meeting 2021.02.07 (2.1)

Motions: Black Lives Matter Updated Motion, SCSFS Budget Elections: Vice-President, President of the Society JCR Meeting 2021.02.07 (2.1)  

JCR Meeting 2020.06.19 (Fun Meeting)

Setting: Present: JC (Vice-President), JP, TN, GG, SP (SRO), EMM (President), EAM (Student Trustee), MD, SWC (Chair), EE (International Rep), AW (Music Rep), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), AC (Sports and […]

JCR Meeting 2020.06.08 (Budget)

JCR Meeting 2020-06-08 Setting: Over zoom again. DT still has exams going on, and DV has done something nice to his banisters. RJ is having a lot of fun changing […]