JCR Meeting 2020.06.19 (Fun Meeting)

Setting: Present: JC (Vice-President), JP, TN, GG, SP (SRO), EMM (President), EAM (Student Trustee), MD, SWC (Chair), EE (International Rep), AW (Music Rep), ES (Senior Welfare Officer), AC (Sports and […]

JCR Meeting 2020.06.08 (Budget)

JCR Meeting 2020-06-08 Setting: Over zoom again. DT still has exams going on, and DV has done something nice to his banisters. RJ is having a lot of fun changing […]

JCR Meeting 2020.05.04 (3.1)

JCR Meeting 2020-05-04 Setting: On zoom. EAM and AW have matching Cuth’s bar backgrounds. JR gets asked to take his top off. SWC does a fantastic charade of Sharknado to […]

JCR Meeting 2020.03.09 (2.3)

JCR Meeting 2020-03-09 Setting: In Brooks bar with another new layout. Today I have a desk overlooking the darts board and SWC has a higher table next to me. EMM […]

JCR Meeting 2020.02.20 (2.2)

JCR Meeting 2020-02-20 Setting: In a not too full Bailey Bar. EMM is minuting today. Present: SS (Michaelmas Ball Manager), JC (Vice-President), BT (JRO), SN (Assistant Librarian), ER, JS (Working […]

JCR Meeting 2020.02.02 (2.1)

JCR Meeting 2020-02-02 Setting: In a fairly packed dining hall, featuring a horse shoe of tables. Raffle prizes include a bottle of wine, a lovely painting, a t-shirt with the […]

JCR Meeting 2019.12.05 (1.4)

JCR Meeting 2019-12-05 Setting: In a Jovial Bailey bar. Many people are missing due to panto rehearsals, and we’re all excited for JS’ rendition of me. I have a fringe […]

JCR Meeting 2019.11.17 (1.3)

Setting: In a quiet Brooks Bar, with a lectern in the corner. We’re trialling a new layout with a gov comm table in the middle of the room. Raffle prizes […]

JCR Meeting 2019.10.21 (1.2)

JCR Meeting 2019-10-21 Setting: In Brooks bar, it’s very crowded and the U-shape makes it awkward. Raffle prizes today include some extremely chocolatey biscuits, LD’s frep jumper, a named Cuth’s […]

JCR Meeting 2019.10.07 (1.1)

JCR Meeting 2019-10-07 Setting: In the Bailey Bar, it’s very full with keen freshers. EMM has given out raffle tickets, with a grand prize of a JCR meeting flowchart signed […]