Gov Comm Meeting 2019.11.15

Setting In the conerence room on a sunny afternoon. There’s a cardboard train track in the middle of the table. Present: EM (President), JC (Vice-President), SW (Chair), SG (JRO), SP […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2019.10.19

Setting In the conference room, a little early. EM is wearing pyjamas and has a hot chocolate. WE is very late, so EM goes to knock on his door. Apparently […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2016.11.18

AF, SJ, MC, JL, TJ, KL, AB, CH Motions MC: Any comments on the motions? Seem straightforward. TJ: Can we change CM (Female Welfare Officer)’s wording at the end from […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2016.12.08

MC (President), TJ (VP), SJ, AB, AF, CH, KL, JL Budget Motion   This JCR Notes That the current system of writing the annual budget constitutes the treasurer writing a […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2014.10.09 (Standing Comm)

Standing Committee 18.00 Cuth’s Bar Apologies & Absences Apologies – None Absences – TR (Senior Returning Officer) Handball Motion – ‘President’ changed to ‘Club Captain’. Handball ‘Club’. Some slight wording […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2013.11.06 (Standing Comm)

Minutes of the Standing Comm Meeting, Held on November 6th at 5:30pm in the Conference Room Environmental Committee Motion – There was uncertainty about whether this was a motion to […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2013.10.11 (Standing Comm)

Minutes of Standing Comm Meeting, Held on October 11th at 6pm in the Reading Room. Present: CP (Chair), LM (Senior Returning Officer), SC (President), MF (Vice-President) SC will prepare a […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.12.04

Facilities Restructure Motion, Cut the Rent Motion, Method 1 Election Rules Reform Motion, Boat Club Subs Motion GovComm Meeting 2020.12.04

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.11.15

Bar Steward JCR Membership 2.0, Caucus Voting Motion, Motion to un-Officer the Communities Committee, Yoga at Cuth’s, Record of Resolutions Motion, Reports Motion, Manifestos & Posters for Assistant Librarian and […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.10.25

Nominal Membership Motion, Climbing Budget Motion – amended, Student Trustee Method III Motion, Climate Crisis Motion, Removal of Year Abroad Rep, Placement Rep, and Returners Rep Motion, Motion to Create […]