GovComm Meeting 2021.05.02

Head Frep holding other positions Motion Golf Soc Motion Proposed S&S Election rules Elections Reading out of Husts JCR Meeting Dates Social Chair election (or lack thereof) Raffle   GovComm […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.03.14

Participation Fund Motion, Memorial Motion, Gender representation on the Board of Trustees motion, Harm Reduction motion, Elections for 2.3, Unfilled positions, S&S Elections, Quorum, Raffle, GovComm’s Image   GovComm Meeting […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.02.22 (2.2)

Covid Fund Motion, Terms of Office SOs update, several Auto-VONCs, postponing Auto-VONCs Elections for: Senior Welfare Officer, Sports & Societies Chair, Publicity & Relations Officer, Outreach Chair, Finance & Compliance […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.02.06 (2.1)

BLM Updated motion, Fashion Show Budget, a potential auto-VONC, President of the Society, VP, Running an election without GovComm Members GovComm Meeting 2021.02.06  

GovComm Meeting 2021.01.07

Exec Elections and Meetings Next Term, Improving Online Meetings, Cuth’s needs you, Appealing to the Fresh, Facilities motion, JRO restructure, Sports and Socs elections rules, Raffle, Auto-VONC Standing Orders GovComm […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.06.06

Present: SWC (Chair), JC (Vice-President), EM (President), SP (SRO), WE (Stool), BT (JRO), SG (JRO) Apologies: Absent: KB (JRO) Campus Card Entry Motion SWC: They want to spend some money […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.04.15

Setting Over Microsoft Teams, because governance is still important in a remote World. SP is calling in from India and WE from USA, so there’s a 12 hour time difference […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.03.14

Setting In EM’s flat, too early in the morning. I’m very hungover and still in pyjamas. SP is emotional that he might never see us again if he’s not allowed […]

Gov Comm Meeting 2020.03.08

Setting In EM’s flat because the conference room is booked, although EM isn’t present. SWC has made herself at home behind the desk. Present: JC (Vice-President), KB (JRO), WE (Stool), […]