GovComm Meeting 2023.10.18

GovComm 2023.10.18 Governance Committee Meeting – 18.10.23 Motions   MOVE THAT ORDER! Campaign Manager Motion Assistant Head Frep Motion PGM Comm Motion Participation Fund Panel Motion DSU Assembly Elections Order […]

GovComm Meeting 2023.09.29

GovComm Meeting 2023.09.29 (1) Motions Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Representatives Restructure Motion  Cuth’s Formula One Society Assistant Head Frep Motion MOVE THAT ORDER! Elections Music Rep (TC) Music Rep (ME) […]

Governance Committee Meeting 2022.10.14

Governance Committee 2022.10.14 Motions: Outreach Structure, POC Society, SwD Society and International Society Elections: SRO Updating Standing orders  

GovComm Meeting 2022.03.06

Motions: Ukraine Gowns Cuth’s Crochet Society Elections: SU Rep PGM President Welfare Officer Welfare Officer (Female) Welfare Officer (Male) Outreach Chair Social Chair Librarian SRO 4th JCR Meeting GovComm Meeting […]

GovComm Meeting 2022.02.14

Motions: Free tickets for Social Chair Elections: Senior Welfare Officer Publicity Officer Sports and Socs Chair Facilities Manager JCR Chair Development Officer Motions GovComm Meeting 2022.02.14

GovComm Meeting 2022.01.04

Dates Presidential Meeting Cuth’s Needs You Resigning from GovComm/Running in elections Social AOB GovComm Meeting 2022.01.04

GovComm Meeting 2022.01.04

Dates for Epiphany Term Presidential Meeting Cuth’s Needs You Running in an Election/Resigning from GovComm Social AOB GovComm Meeting 2022.01.04

GovComm Meeting 2021.12.03

Motions: Exec Restructure Motion for Movies Ex-Officio Bailey Wardrobe Manager Welfare Revamp Fashion Show Budget Adele Society Netball Library Refurbishment Elections: Working Class Students’ Rep GovComm Meeting 2021.12.03

GovComm Meeting 2021.11.08

Jokes Motion CRACAS Method II Accessibility Communities Committee Reform Green Moustache Team Cuth’s Social Media Manager Auto-VONC Seconders Facilities Committee Restructure Facilities Working Group Music Rep Student Trustees GovComm Meeting […]