GovComm Meeting 2021.12.03

Motions: Exec Restructure Motion for Movies Ex-Officio Bailey Wardrobe Manager Welfare Revamp Fashion Show Budget Adele Society Netball Library Refurbishment Elections: Working Class Students’ Rep GovComm Meeting 2021.12.03

GovComm Meeting 2021.11.08

Jokes Motion CRACAS Method II Accessibility Communities Committee Reform Green Moustache Team Cuth’s Social Media Manager Auto-VONC Seconders Facilities Committee Restructure Facilities Working Group Music Rep Student Trustees GovComm Meeting […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.10.18

Facilities Restructure LGBTQ+ PGM President MAS Assistant Librarian Method III Bar Liaison Best Frep Team GovComm Meeting 2021.10.18

GovComm Meeting 2021.10.03

Refounders Computer Room JCR Meeting Reports Resubmitted Climbing Budget Outreach LGBTQ+ Sabbatical Officers’ Salaries Social Comm Restructure Method III Policy Welfare Campaigns Manager GovComm Meeting 2021.10.03

GovComm Meetin 2021.06.27

Serious: GovComm Reform Clash of Clans   Unserious: MPs Fresh Trim No Governance ECBs Beef Ban Inaugural Address Caracas Ghandi Statue   Elections   GovComm Meetin 2021.06.27

GovComm Meeting 2021.05.02

Head Frep holding other positions Motion Golf Soc Motion Proposed S&S Election rules Elections Reading out of Husts JCR Meeting Dates Social Chair election (or lack thereof) Raffle   GovComm […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.03.14

Participation Fund Motion, Memorial Motion, Gender representation on the Board of Trustees motion, Harm Reduction motion, Elections for 2.3, Unfilled positions, S&S Elections, Quorum, Raffle, GovComm’s Image   GovComm Meeting […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.02.22 (2.2)

Covid Fund Motion, Terms of Office SOs update, several Auto-VONCs, postponing Auto-VONCs Elections for: Senior Welfare Officer, Sports & Societies Chair, Publicity & Relations Officer, Outreach Chair, Finance & Compliance […]

GovComm Meeting 2021.02.06 (2.1)

BLM Updated motion, Fashion Show Budget, a potential auto-VONC, President of the Society, VP, Running an election without GovComm Members GovComm Meeting 2021.02.06