Welcome to the St. Cuthbert’s Society Pool Club webpage. Our club provides its members with a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere in which to play pool, make new friends and learn new skills.
We truly are a club for everybody. Pool at Cuths is an entirely mixed gender sport, catering for veteran cueists, complete novices and anybody in between. If we have more players than space in our teams, we simply create new ones; nobody misses out!!! Whether you take your pool seriously enough to harbour aspirations of representing the University – for whom we have produced 5 players (3 A-Team) and 1 Reserve out of a squad of 15 – or just want a casual game with friends, we encourage everyone to get involved.

Presently, we have 5 pool teams competing regularly in the Durham University Pool League (DUPL). Each team plays against those from other colleges in their respective divisions, as well as being entered into knockout and singles competitions. For the coming season, our A team will play in the Premier Division on Thursdays evenings; our B and C teams compete on Sundays in Division 1; and our D and E teams will play in Division 2 on Tuesdays. Any additional teams, depending on availability, shall be entered into the friendly ladder, whereby games are arranged at the players’ own leisure.

One of the luxuries of playing for Cuths Pool (there are so many…), is that there is no commitment to fitness regimes or regular training schedules. Teams are organised by their appointed captains, and the players choose to play as much or as little as they wish. When it’s time to play, our pool table is the best table in Durham (officially – as voted by a survey across team captains last year!!!). You can find the table at our Parson’s Field site, situated in the Brooks House JCR, which is only a 10 second walk from the bar. You don’t get that at Maiden Castle. We work closely with the JCR to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality table.

But Cuths Pool extends beyond simply playing the game. We have a thriving social element to our activities. Your team will soon become some of your closest friends, and each match night is like a mini-social event in its own right. On occasions, bigger social events are staged. Unlike in other sports teams at University, nothing is compulsory or potentially intimidating. Nevertheless, it is evident throughout all the teams that there are some amazing friendships which have developed at the club and help create a friendly atmosphere and terrific team spirit.
In 2016/2017, Cuths Pool was one of the Society’s most successful clubs. This is evidenced by our impressive honours list (see below). This time around we have aspirations to go even bigger and achieve even more.

2016/17 Honours
A Team – Premiership Runners-Up and Speed Pool 3rd place.
B Team – 7th place in Division 1.
C Team – 4th place in Division 1, reaching the promotion playoffs.
D and E Teams – 10th and 12th in Division 2

G and H Teams – 10th and 12th in the Friendly Ladder

Richard Stewart (A team captain) finished top of the individual stats for the whole (university) league, with Ben Rigby (also of the As) just behind him in second place. Richard also incredibly won the university-wide Singles tournament, marking yet another year with a Cuths champion. 8 Cuths players achieved 7-ball victories last year. Can you join them in the hall of fame?!

If you would like to play pool and help build upon the success of the past 12 months, please come along to the St. Cuthbert’s Society Sports and Societies Fair which shall be held in the Bailey Dining Room on Saturday 7th October. You’ll be met by some cheery faces; it’ll be great to see you all. We’ll doubtless have some sweet treats for you and you can have a go on our mini pool table! If you can’t make it to sign-up, or decide part-way through the year you wish to join, please contact me via the email address at the bottom of the page.
At the beginning of the year, we will hold trials for our teams. Don’t worry this isn’t a test; it just helps us allocate you to your new team. Don’t forget, we create enough teams for the number of players we have. More details will be available once you have signed-up during Fresher’s week. We have enough cues to lend to our new team mates, though many who choose to play regularly soon decide to purchase their own. A reasonable cue costs only about £30. Better still a game of pool costs only 10p! (Matches and trials are covered, by the League and Club respectively).


For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Danny Walker (Club Captain, 2017-18) at daniel.walker2@durham.ac.uk.
Alternatively, there is nearly always someone down at the pool table who will be happy to point you in the right direction or give you some handy hints on how to get involved or improve your pool.

More information about the DUPL can be found here on their website: https://community.dur.ac.uk/pool.league/