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Wildcats is Hatfield and Cuth’s college cheerleading team. It’s open to both males and females. Most of us have never done cheer before uni so it’s very chilled and we have lots of fun socials throughout the year. We work towards the intercollegiate cheer competition which takes place at the beginning of March and the routine consists of dance, stunts, jumps and tumbles. No previous experience is necessary so email us and you can just turn up to a training session!


We will meet two times a week for about an hour and a half each time. Training will include warm ups, stretches, body conditioning and we will teach complete beginners both stunts and shapes. We will try and make everyone as flexible as possible – including ourselves!


The Cheer Comp is an inter-collegiate event which takes place around February. We will have put together a routine throughout the previous terms which we will then perform infront of a panel of Durham Diva Cheerleading experts. There are also casual mini competitions after the routines for things such as gymnastics, highest basket and longest stunt. The compeition is a really fun event which we all enjoyed loads last year.


There will be themed cheer socials every few weeks. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and there is a really chilled atmosphere in the team. Last year we all became very close friends and college cheerleading was a really fun society to join.

There will be welcome drinks, however we’re all very nice people so they won’t be too scary!

Contact Us

2019-20 Captain: Anna van der Horst – contact at

If you’re interested in joining, or simply just want to find out more you can contact us either on our Facebook page or by emailing.