SCSBBC welcomes all players regardless of ability, whether you have never picked up a basketball in your life or you can school Stephen Curry with a hand behind your back.

If you are passionate about basketball and are looking for a more competitive experience you can play for our teams competing in the college leagues, but if you just want to socialise and play casually, it’s fine to just drop in for our training scrimmages. Of course, we encourage everyone to have a taste of playing official matches during your time in the club.



Cuth’s Basketball Club currently has a Men’s A-Team and a Women’s A-Team in their respective inter-collegiate leagues. We are looking into adding a Men’s B-Team for the upcoming season. 

Games are held on Saturdays every other week at Maiden Castle gym, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. Each game consists of four quarters, each lasting 10-minutes, for a total of 40 minutes.

We do our best to ensure that all members get the chance to play during the matches, so come down, play some team basketball and get that W.  



Our official weekly trainings are held on every Sunday, 3pm, at Hild Bede West Gym. Balls are provided.

Occasional pick-up games with/against other colleges also pop up from time to time, these are more ad-hoc and we’ll post any that come up on the Facebook group. 



Aside from games and trainings, the club also holds several socials throughout the year where members can get to know each other off the court.


Contact Us

Whether you are interested in joining the club or are just looking to find out more, we are contactable via Facebook and email.


Email (Men’s A-team): 

Email (Women’s A-team):