Women’s Rugby.

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Whether you are interested in joining the club or are just looking to find out more, we are contactable via Facebook and email.

Caitlin Bonpun

Club Captain


Catherine Richmond

Team Captain


Phoebe Jackson

Co-Social Secretary


Sacha Noakes

Co-Social Secretary

Women’s Rugby requires no previous experience whatsoever, we have weekly trainings at 6-7pm on Mondays, and play 40 minute matches most Saturday mornings. Our games are played ten a side against teams from other colleges, and a winner of the league is crowned at the end of the year (and Cuth’s has a 3 year winning streak!). We’re really friendly, and highly recommend joining rugby, it’s a very fun way to meet people and become part of Cuth’s.


This year due to coronavirus we will be working in smaller groups and starting off playing only touch rugby with no scrums.

Joining the team doesn’t require that much time commitment, but the rewards are immense. Play as many games as you can make it to and if you’d like to play it all culminates in the Hill v Bailey rugby match at the beginning of third term!

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