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Whether you are interested in joining the club or are just looking to find out more, we are contactable via Facebook and email.


Cuth’s Running Club is a friendly, non-competitive environment for runners of all abilities, with a variety of running and social events that take place regularly throughout the year. All are welcome at anywhere from one session to every event.



Meet us on at 8:45 on Saturdays at Brooks House for Durham Parkrun. We walk together to the race start at Maiden Castle, run with the other parkrunners around the rugby pitches and along the river, and reconvene at the end of the 5k.

Every 4 weeks, DUAXC (Durham University Athletics and Cross Country) hosts a cross-country competition between the colleges at parkrun. Points are awarded both for participation and to top ranking runners.



CRC organises entry into numerous longer distance races throughout the year, with entry fees subsidised by the JCR. We attend 10k races in Newcastle twice a year, where CRC athletes run their legs off before seeking out a well-deserved post run buffet. We are also annual participants in Durham’s 24-hour Run to the Sun charity run at Maiden Castle, where CRC runners share out the long race, collectively maintaining a full day of running. Within the club, we organise relay races, a fun way to test your abilities against your fellow Cuth’s runners.



We offer led training throughout the week, including long runs, track running, and hill repeats. These sessions are casual, and you’re welcome to attend whenever works with your schedule.


No matter how many miles you run with us, we’d love for you to join us at the college bar for CRC’s crazy and creative socials. Come for some fun and friendly organized competition, and a chance to get to know your fellow athletes off the racecourse. We’ll usually be dressed as cowboys, wizards, 80’s fitness fanatics or caterpillars, so bring out your best costume and enjoy!

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