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Whether you are interested in joining the club or are just looking to find out more, we are contactable via Facebook and email.


SCSBBC welcomes all players regardless of ability, whether you have never picked up a basketball in your life or you can school Stephen Curry with a hand behind your back. 


Cuth’s Basketball is a small but inclusive society which mixes a competitive edge with fun.  Whether you are passionate about the sport or have never played before, we will welcome you and cater to your level.  Our training sessions are flexible and involve either drills to help develop skills or scrimmages (either amongst ourselves or with others training at the same time as us).  Typically, we would have a match per week, however who knows what arrangements will be made for this year!

Joining a smaller society means that you can get involved straight away and get to know every member.  This is a great way to meet new people on different courses and in different years which is useful, even if it is just to see a friendly face around college from time to time!

Last year, our men’s team was promoted to the second tier of the collegiate league winning 9 of their 10 league games.  We hope to continue this success into next year and strive for promotion to the top division.  Our women’s team joined up with Collingwood as we lacked numbers to fill a full team.  We hope for more female basketballers to join in order to compete as solely a Cuth’s team!

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