Ripped Off.

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Whether you are interested in joining the club or are just looking to find out more, we are contactable via Facebook and email.


Our mission is to end the issue of students being ripped off by the university and private landlords in Durham. It’s everyone’s problem.

You might be wondering ‘what is ripped off?’ or ‘how is this relevant to me?’; let me answer your burning questions!!

We exist primarily to raise awareness to the issue of extraordinary high rent prices for students in durham. Durham is one of the most expensive universities for students in the UK (despite not being an expensive place to live at all usually), and because of this Durham university is the 4th worst university in the UK for social inclusion.

This matters to you because it means that not only are you spending so much to come here and not getting your money’s worth, this university is becoming a place not where you come based on academic merit, but a place where those who can afford to study come. AND we think you should care because that’s simply not fair on those who deserve to be here as much as you and I, but aren’t here.

What we do:

  • Hold discussions about the issues, plan and research.
  • Host awesome socials
  • Banner painting sessions
  • Protest on campus
  • Talk to students about the issues
  • We are also closely working with ACORN (renters union which you should join), who stand up against general shit that landlords do to tennants.

How to Join:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Join our Group/group chats
  • Follow us on instagram and twitter
  • Come along to as many of our meetings/socials you wish
  • For any queries email
  • If you wish, you could run to be a member of our executive committee as; The bailey rep (only open to students who live on the bailey. You will be required to advertise the soc to bailey residents occasionally), The parsons rep (the same but parsons), or our treasurer (plz someone run to be treasurer)

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