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Cuth’s Gardening Society: a potted history of marrows and magic.

Gardens are our sanctuaries. Hidden away from the bustle of student life – and in all honesty – other people. The Bailey is host to a 15m x 20m plot of land which is home to most wholesome society in Durham, Cuths Gardening Society. Gardening is a friendly and relaxed society with no experience required at all.


Our plan this academic year is as follows. During the first term we will try to meet once a week and to clean the garden, prepare the soil, make raise beds and plan out what we will grow. In the spring we will start to plant, planting what ever we want and tending to the crops. Gardening is a free and a low commitment society so you can come once a term or once a week, everyone is welcome whenever you want. Furthermore, since gardening is free, what we grow is also free so you can take it home to use. Gardening is scientifically proven to be beneficial to dealing with stress and anxiety so is a great way to de-stress from student life as well as getting the social benefit of the kinship of a garden community. All we ask is for you to get your hands a little dirty and a hard working mindset. We look forward to seeing you in October!

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