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CRACAS (Cuth’s Real Ale and Cider Appreciation Society) is a society for students who wish to appreciate real ale and cider within Cuth’s.

We do exactly what we say on the tin. We work with the bar, local breweries and pubs to promote the appreciation of these marvellous beverages amongst the student body and open everyone’s eyes to the beauty of a perfect pint of unadulterated ale or cider. We are NOT a drinking society, you can rest assured that there will be no pressure from any of us for you to drink, we are here to learn more about these drinks while enjoying the company of like-minded people, with or without a drink in hand!

We hold regular socials at local pubs and bars, trips to breweries and cider presses, as well as a series of other events throughout Cuth’s.

We also have all of our own equipment to brew our own ale and cider, so do come and join us for one of our regular homebrewing sessions, and then come back a few weeks later to taste them when they’re done!

Other than the cost of pints when we go on pub recs, CRACAS works on a donation system to cover the cost of ingredients for homebrewing, so we just ask that you offer up a couple of pounds whenever we drink any homebrew.

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