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BodCon = Body Conditioning and Body Confidence.

Cuth’s BodCon is a unique society. It caters for those of you who want to keep fit generally in a social setting, but not competitively. BodCon also does not require members to have any previous fitness or sporting background.We aim to meet every Tuesday between 6 and 7 (pm!!!), in Shakespeare Hall opposite Loft on North Road.
The class concentrates on general fitness with strength and toning exercises with emphasis on different areas each week.(Warning: Leg days are killer!). Don’t worry about your fitness level as classes cater for everyone and are tailored to fit the group. Even if you’re injured, the teacher will alter the exercises/ give newones to include everyone. And for you competitive sporting folk, don’t knock the class as it has been quoted to be “”harder than rowing fitness””, proving you can get what you need from the class regardless of previous experience.

We also have heald great socials ranging from full on Bailey bar crawls to a ‘Nacho Night-in’ at the execs’ house.

If you are interested in joining, or have any questions please contact the president Rhiannon Hill at

Bring enthusiam, water and be prepared to sweat and have fun!
Hopefully see you there!

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