Cuth’s Arabic Society is a very recent addition to the growing list of student clubs within St. Cuthbert’s Society. The society meets four times a term for a variety of discussions and activities. Chief among these is the teaching of Arabic language at a basic level and general discussions about culture in the Middle East. If this doesn’t interest you then know that snacks (sometimes Middle Eastern in nature, sometimes not!) will be available every time we meet.


A new feature to be introduced this year is the official Arabic Society stash! Members of the society can order posters, cards or name-tags with Arabic calligraphic text of your choice hand-written on. Profits from these will go back into funding the society and anything left over will be donated to a charity of the members’ choosing.


Most of the information about the society including the stash and the dates that we meet will be posted on our facebook group (search for Cuth’s Arabic Soc!). Any questions you have may be posted there. Alternative you could send me an email at with any queries. If you do not have a facebook account and wish to be added to our mailing list just send an email to the afore-mentioned address.