Please fill in this form to submit a reclaim request. When you submit the Finance and Compliance Officer will receive an email with your information and will process your request. Once processed you will receive a confirmation email. You can contact the FCO, Thalia Agoglossakis, at

For more information on reclaims and FAQs, see the text below the form.

Reclaim form

To reclaim the cost of fuel during a journey made for a JCR activity please submit a reclaim form via email, see the instructions below.

To make a reclaim via email please download the Excel document below. You will be able to calculate and record the reclaim you would like to make. Please ensure you include your bank details and the budget heading (e.g. netball). Once completed, please send an email to with the reclaim form attached as well as supporting evidence (receipts, invoices, order confirmations, referee forms etc.)

By submitting a reclaim form you should also be aware St Cuthbert’s Society JCR will temporarily store your submitted information so they can respond to your claim. If you have any GDPR enquires, please email


How do I get a discount on events if I have the full Durham grant?

All members of Cuth’s JCR who receive the full Durham Grant from Durham University are entitled to a discount of 33% off major event tickets. This includes the Michaelmas and Summer balls, Cuth’s day, and Feast.

To claim this, submit the reclaim form above with evidence of ticket purchase and the confirmation email about the Durham Grant.  

What evidence do I need to submit to reclaim referee/umpire fees for a sport?

You must submit a referee form, which you need to print out before the match and make sure the referee/umpire signs it. Upload a picture of it filled in when you submit a reclaim form. 

I have lost my receipt, what do I do?

Unfortunately, without a receipt your reclaim cannot be processed. Make sure you always get a receipt for a reclaim!