Postgraduates and Mature Students

Information for New Students

Cuth’s JCR (Junior Common Room), unlike some of the other JCR’s at Durham, is an independent charity which means we are completely run by students. The JCR runs and is responsible for our social events, sports, societies, welfare support, volunteering opportunities, facilities and representing the views of Cuth’s Students. The college part of Cuth’s however it is made up of staff including our Principal, Vice Principal, Student Support, porters, cleaners, secretaries and catering staff. The JCR and college work together to make Cuth’s what it is, but have distinctive roles. 

The JCR has an executive Committee. The Postgraduate and Mature Student’s Committee Chair sits on the exec to represent the voice of Postgrads within Cuth’s. At most of the other colleges in Durham, in addition to their JCR, they have an MCR (Middle Common Room) which contains their Postgraduate Students. At Cuth’s, this is not the case. All of our students are part of the JCR, and rather than an exec of an MCR representing the views of Postgraduate and Mature Students, we have a Postgraduate Committee within the JCR. This is just a bit of a technical difference with other colleges, but it is worth knowing the difference to avoid confusion with other Postgrads at Durham. 

If you have any questions about anything to do with Postgrad life at Cuth’s, please contact the Postgraduate and Mature Student’s Committee Chair at

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Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate Committee is one of many committees in Cuth’s. Its role is to organise social and academic events for the Postgrad community within Cuth’s.

Positions on Postgraduate Committee:

Postgraduate and Mature Student’s Committee Chair 

  • The PGM Chair’s role is to represent the views of Postgrads and Mature Students on a variety of different committees within college, the JCR and the wider university. They also chair Postgraduate Committee, which co-ordinates events that are tailored for Postgrad and Mature Students. These events range from academic events such as research forums to meals out, day trips and bar crawls. 
  • Vice President of Postgraduate Committee
    • The VP assists the PGM Chair to ensure that there are events put on out throughout the year and ensuring the Postgraduate voice is heard within Cuth’s JCR.
    • The treasurer handles and the money and financial activities of the committee
    Social Rep 
    • Leads the organisation of social events that the committee organises that includes meals out, pub quizzes, day trips and bar crawls.
    Academic Rep 
    • The Academic Rep organises out research forums and research slams which are held regularly throughout the year.
    International PGM Rep
    • They represent international students on Postgraduate Committee, as well as assisting the organisation of PGM events. They also sit on International Committee to ensure the Postgraduate view is represented. 
    Mature Student’s Rep
    • They represent the voice of Mature Students’ on the committee and assist the organisation of PGM events.
    Postgrad Rep 
    • Represent Postgrads on the committee and help out the rest of the committee.


    Getting involved in Postgrad Committee 

    Getting involved with anything regarding the JCR can be very rewarding and a great way to get to get to know the wider Cuth’s community. You can get involved in variety of ways, from simply attending our events and getting involved in Cuth’s Postgraduate Community, or you can join the committee which will allow you to directly influence and organise the type of events that Postgrad Committee puts on throughout the year. To get involved in Postgraduate Committee, all positions apart from PGM Chair, are Method II elections which means they are run in our JCR elections and will involve a hust of 1 minute, questions and then people will vote for the candidate they wish to take that position. If you have any questions about the roles you can email the current PGM Chair at or if you want to run for a position you can email our SRO, who runs the elections, at


    Mature Students

    All the colleges at Durham welcome Mature Students and hope they integrate within their communities; however, you may find as a Mature Student you are in the minority. We have a Mature Student’s Rep Position on our Postgraduate Committee to represent your views and coordinate events that will appeal to you. The position will be open at the beginning of each year so if you’re interested in running for it keep an eye on the JCR elections coming up. 

    Across the university, there is a Mature Student’s Association (MATSA) which represents Mature Students. To find out more information about MATSA you can check out the DSU website and the MATSA Facebook Page.


    Opportunities within Cuth’s

    Postgrad committee will put on events that are specifically aimed at you, as postgrads and mature students, however all events put on by the JCR are open to you in the same way as they are to undergrads.

    We have a range of other committees you can involved in, including Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Welfare Committee, Welfare Campaigns Committee, Social Committee, Students’ Union Committee, Outreach Committee and International Committee. 

    We also have over 40 sports and societies that you can get involved with.



    Outside Cuth’s

    Inter-MCR Formals 

    Inter-MCR Formals are a great opportunity for Postgrads to experience formals at other colleges. They are open to anyone from another MCR, or equivalent, so for Cuth’s this is any postgrad, mature or a fourth Year Student. Most of the formals will have a theme. In the past Cuth’s has hosted a popular murder mystery formal.

    Research Institutes

    Durham has nine research institutes which host events and may interest your own research interests.

    • Biophysical Sciences Institute
    • Durham Energy Institute
    • Institute for Computational Cosmology
    • Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
    • Institute for Data Science 
    • Institute of Advance Study
    • Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience 
    • Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
    • Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing
    • Institute for Medical Humanities

    You can find out more information about these institutes here:

    Libraries around the University
    • Bill Bryson Library – The Main University Library which is located on the Mountjoy site (otherwise known as the science site), which is located at the bottom of the hill. 
    • Leazes Road Library – has sources for students of the School of Education 
    • Business School Library – has specialist resources for Business Students
    • Palace Green Library – hold specials and local collections. 
    Borrowing Books
    • Taught postgraduates can borrow up to 30 items – standard loan is 3 months 
    • Research postgraduates can borrow 40 items with standard loans of 6 months 
    Work Spaces for PG

    There are workspaces all over the Durham University for all students to work at including the main libraries, the DSU, some departments and in the colleges. However, there are some spaces that as PG students you will have access to that undergraduates won’t have access to. It is worth contacting your department about this as this varies across subjects. 

    Here are some of the available rooms for study, however this list is not extensive. 

    • Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Students have access to two large study spaces 
      • 50 North Bailey 
      • Elvet Riverside 
    • The Bill Bryson Library has a dedicated study room for postgraduate research students on Level 4
    • Leazes Road Library has a designated study room available to all postgraduates on the first floor