Present: LM, ET, EM (VP), MP, AH, KW, VA, CR, MT, ES, KJ, CC, JOW, AK, OW, NG, IN, MM, AR, LD, SB


Apologies: MG, AS

Setting: Sat in a big half rectangle-half circle shape in Brooks



LM: this is just to talk about SHAG week which starts on Monday and runs for about a week. It’s Sexual Health and Guidance week.

JOW: One idea was a podcast as an instagram stream with different topics every day; religion and sex for example, an LGBTQ one, and other ones. If anyone wants to do a day we have some to fill still

NG: I really want to do something on slut shaming because I feel like it’s a really big issue in college and I think it’s horrible and we should address it

LM: We already have a day on sex positivity so it could go in with that. At the moment I’m going to do the religion one with Meg Haskin from the SU. Please let us know if you want to do others. We are just going to live stream it onto Instagram?

LD: can you save a livestream?

AK: can you do it on fb instead?

LM: I think more people use the Instagram

NG: a podcast without a picture is more likely to be listened to and people will listen to it for the sake of it

MP: what about soundcloud?

OW: I think on Apple you need a licence to release stuff on the store

JOW: people might listen to it on the way to lectures and we could put the link in the insta posts

IN: I know how to release things on spotify

NG: We could have a shag week playlist and other destress playlists?

JOW: Just tell us if you want to do that. Other ideas are the Karaoke collaboration that we have filmed a promo for which is on the Friday Night and then also a collab with Fem Soc about fetishization next Thursday (the 14th)

ACTION POINT: LM to put all the dates on the JCR calendar

LM: hopefully we can do the collab as it will engage people and find facts about sex and put them all over the bar

MP: Can we have a split screen for the karaoke so that one side are the lyrics and the other side is a power point with sex facts

NG: you need to work out all the cables

LD: for the Movember quiz we made all the little facts on coasters for the bar

JOW: anyone want to do that?

LM: something about prizes? We need to find the inflatable penis. SHAG week is a fun time to order stuff

LM: in terms with the podcasts, it would be good to have posters around that would coincide with the theme of the podcast for that day

LM: any other ideas because this doesn’t sound that much at the moment but they are big topics

JOW: we could have facts about each topics

AR: what are the ideas for all the day?

LM: Religion and sex, LBGtQ, fetishization, sex positivity, disabilities?

KJ: so are these the things we are doing?

LM: yes

ES: Someone from It’s Not Ok Durham wanted to do a call in and I said it would be good to do it, so we wanted to do a film with discussion after and collaboration with them

LM: BS wanted to watch The Hunting Ground which is explicit

MP: We could get film club to help us out with this

JOW: Homework: could you look up videos to do with sex positivity to share

KJ: I recently watched one about upskirting at festivals and she passed a bill to change the law about that

OW: We should raise awareness about this as a person in parliament didn’t want it to pass

LM: we will work around the it’s not ok people

NG: are we doing other things as well? Like a C card sign up?

ES: I was just going to ask when we wanted this

LD: Wednesday afternoon?

ES: we do it in the JCR

AK: Do we have the second inflatable penis or not? Use your budget

Someone: Can we get a vagina?

IN: Temporary tattoos of penises?

NG: vaginas look different

SB: Can we say something about virginity and how it’s not a big deal if you don’t want to have sex

MM: I second this

JOW: it’s hard with never have I ever and things

LD: Are you doing things about STIs

LM: it’s hard to do an actual event but we can have lots of posters

NG: Info about where to get tested

LM: We will cover a wide number of subjects. In my second year they had a big shag day on the Saturday on the bailey and had lots of games and there were Tennis balls with holes in to represent breast cancer and things. It’s not completely related but it’s all linked. But I think the virginity thing will come well under the religion one and also sex positivity

NG: would it be possible to have anonymous quotes about things people have said to them much like the POC campaign that was all about racist comments people had seen because lots of people don’t see it as a problem

OW: We should have posters of this

AR: I worry that that’s triggering- maybe a bit too much on the walls

MP: what about the men’s toilets

AK: in those spaces it might end up with people making fun of it

AH: We’d need context on it

VA: but the people who need to see that won’t be looking at our Instagram etc

NG: maybe it needs to accompany another campaign where they just put underwear everywhere like they did on a campus

VA: if people brought drinks we could ask them if we were happy for us to give them leaflets

OW: We could have something next to the straws so people could take them themselves and the box that contains them could have the content warning

NG: Same again that the people who need to see this won’t pick up that leaflet

LM: if it’s words and not stories then I think it’s doable

Someone: they could be elsewhere around college

IN: I think people would think it was a joke after a while

KW: we could share it on our own facebooks

NG: penis straws?

MP: that’s such a cliché- it’s exactly what people expect us to do

LM: we need things that are eye catching

MP: I get it if they have facts on them

LM: in my sex and religion one I might touch on body positivity. Does anyone want to talk about Men and masculinity in sex?

AR: is someone is choosing to write on this for the podcasts – are they factual or opinion based?

LM: Me and MT will talk about growing up in religious households

LM: if anyone wants to make niche posters and include men as much as possible- especially as things are so often dominated by women in welfare. We want them to feel part of the conversations

KJ: can we do something about the tennis balls for prostate cancer?

LM: absolutely

NG: I think we are putting too much on our plate and we should probably scrap the cancer stuff as it’s not really about sex and it’s covered by other groups

OW: same day as the C card sign up we should promote the new sexual health supplies form on the website. And we should also have something else about the other

AK: we could also just have a load of supplies there

NG: we could print them out

EM (VP) and AK: why not just give them the supplies then? Why would you print them out?

JOW: what about a lucky dip for the slut shaming thing that also has a quote on the present and a content warning on that

NG: I still don’t think that reaches the people it needs to

MM: I think our own timelines is the way to do that

ES: a few years ago the SU did a campaign of lots of JCR president and people saying that sexual harassment etc wasn’t tolerated and we can make our own versions of those

AK: So could you do a frame?

NG: And also include a way to report things- because lots of people know what to do about the physical assault but not verbal things

LD: yeah I think that’s really important

AH: As a way to combine that we could have a pp that says “I stand with sexual abuse victims” and a link

NG: I like using the term sexual harassment over slut shaming. Also we could have a poster on what constitutes sexual harassment

MP: I think slut shaming is better actually because it has the shock factor and also maybe people don’t realise slut shaming is sexual harassment

AH: Why don’t they say “slut shaming is sexual harassment”

MM: we could have all the legal definitions of sexual harassment that Jon had in the consent talks

CR: also we need to address slut shaming boys as fuck boys etc

VA: and girls slut shaming girls

MP: maybe we just shouldn’t gender it?

LM: We could have a poster with the shock factor phrases at the top like “men are trash” then talk about why those umbrella things aren’t okay. Because I feel like women get away with saying that a lot

OW: about the frame designs; we could have lots of slightly different designs with different words and people can pick the ones that they think will have the most impact on their friendships groups

JOW: if we all do it together it will all work out <3

MP: every little helps

ES: can we all make sure we make STI posters?

LM: it would be great if you could all come to the events and make posters and share things