Present: LM, AK, BS, SS, DV, MG, JS, JO, AH, ET, IU, AB, LD, MT, KJ, MM, OW, IN, CC, EM (VP), JOW
Apologies: KW, AR, MP, AS, EM, NG
Absent: VA, VM, CR, SB
Setting: Brooks bar so AK can have a freddo.

LM: Has everyone had a nice Christmas? You know the survey I set- I need to close it. We’ve had about 20 responses and they are more critical than positive but that’s expected as people are quicker to criticise than to praise. But I’m going to mind map all of the responses and figure out the best way to work though the info and feed it back to college. More people were likely to reach out to us, but there were criticisms people had. I want to address all the points: like one asked for drop ins in the viaduct and I want to say why we can’t do that for example.
BS: We could use the DSU for drop ins and people won’t question it.
LM: That’s great but I meant more that I want to address everyone’s comments somehow.
AK: You could use one of the boards in the JCR and put your mind maps there and then take photos of those and put them on the Instagram.
KJ: You could have speech bubbles.
MG: You could have postit notes with the answers underneath.
LM: We will need big postit notes.
MG: We’d like to have a board in brooks as well.
LM: One person has said welfare is all the same person and then someone else being like “I’ve never heard of you” – referring to welfare not me. Know these comments are not directed to you! We are being as anonymous as we possibly can. Take it with a pinch of salt. The more open we are the more criticism we are going to get.
MG: People could also be not taking it seriously.
LM: some people, when asked how can we improve welfare, and they were just like “I dunno”.
Everyone laughs.
DV: There is a confusion about the role of minority reps.
LM: I’d like to have a bit more of an informative term this term. I want to make a family tree, but I don’t want to make it look hierarchical with me at the top.
AK: In the nicest way possible the board on the way into the hall needs up dating and you could all be on there.
DV: You could do you BS and ES at the top and then use colour codes.
LD: At my mums school they did it based on gem stones or something rather than the traditional hierarchical structure.
LM: Can we do star signs?
LM: We also have that anonymous box in the bailey JCR.
JS: We’ve had a meeting before everyone came tonight.
This term we want a mini campaign to do with loneliness which will be 2-3 days. Social media and then none event.
LM: Are you still happy to do it in conjunction with helping a friend? As it’s quite specific. What would you call it?
BS: Helping yourself and others?
JS: We are thinking of running a minorities week – one day for each minority rep we have then what they do that day is up to them – could be social media or if they want to put on an event we could help facilitate that. We’ve heard that people are keen to do a text in event so we might want to work that in at the ned of the week
LM: I think the minority rep text in is difficult to do because we’d need 4 phones and I’m worried about people asking questions that we can’t answer. I was talking to charlotte about it, because your quiz went so well last time, it might be better to do one for those with music in the breaks that is picked by the minority reps.
SS: That would be good for exploring the intersections of the issues minorities face.
LM: It might be nice if all the minority reps came up with a charity for them. It also promotes charities. Text a toastie can get quite complicated.
JS: Not to speak for KW but she’s done work with stone wall which might be good for an event.
LM: Text a toastie is also behind a screen – we want something more on the ground.
DV: We could do Instagram takeovers.
JOW: We could have intro videos for each reps and then clarifying what your roles are.
AK: You could also take over the Cuth’s JCR one.
OW: We could even change the front page of the Cuth’s website for something like that.
JOW: Maybe a little video of lots of people saying they’ve been lonely before so we know it’s a valid feeling.
LM: It’s good but more about how we’d go about it.
BS: People could just send them in on their phone.
Shag Week
JS: We are looking at big vibes. Planned for into March. Normally there is some sort of pub quiz. We want a theme for each day like day for sexual health for LQBT, or advertising prep.
JOW: Maybe answering questions on Instagram.
BS: We want some myth busting about like why we get things free. Stuff about prep-pep.
JS: There isn’t a lot of info about how to access this sort of thing.
BS: We also spoke to the Assistant Principal about working with people’s different views on sex as a topic- for some it might be more culturally shocking. We just need to run things past her to make sure everything is okay- but she didn’t think anything would be an issue.
JS: Want to incorporate some sort of sex education – don’t think it’s too difficult to achieve.
AH: Femsoc were planning to have a discussion about sex positivity at some point so we could collaborate on that. Particularly, about having discussions about things. Want as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible.
LM: What about Christian union?
AH: Yeah, we’ve done stuff with them before with femsoc.
AH: Idea about the playlist – more than about telling people about issues.
OW: If we had a welfare Spotify then we could do podcasts as well as playlists.
MG: You might have to have a paying one to do that.
OW: We’d see how much we could do on the free one.
MM: If people were lising on premium they wouldn’t know.
BS: We should promote that people with Spotify premium have access to the full Head Space app as the NHS recommends it.
LD: Can you set it up so it links to the welfare email.
LM: We have a naked calendar to give away.
MM: Can you give it way as part of shag week?
LM: Shouldn’t we give it away in January.
JS: Do it like business calendar from April to April.
LM: We are going to do something with art soc where we make postcards for palentines day.
BS: It’s going to be linked with halfway formal somehow.
LM: The Assistant Principal wants us to have the option of leaving nice notes to people before formal.
MM: We could sell them like outreach sold masks so we could do something like that.
BS: Because third term is so exam focused that we could also make some postcards to also use to send nice things for then – as people don’t like to come to things during exams. We could do a similar things to the sweets things for Christmas where people text in who they want to get them. If we did that again we might leave them in pigeonholes rather than delivering them because it was hard as there were over 100 and then.
MM: People are always at science we could have a thing there.
MG: We could send them and fundraise for stamps.
This is very spenny.
OW: We could txt people when they have stuff to pick up in pigeon holes.
LM: We don’t want to alienate livers out. They are hard to reach.
AK: You could have them in pigeonholes to pick up but then send as a last resort.
JS: Loneliness week going to be more online based. We could have a chat and talk Cuth’s café. We could have a brunch.
LM: I feel guilty for the lack of events.
Everyone is like WUT? It’s the second week.
BS: A brunch as spoons went really well with femsoc this week.
LM: Spoons brunch on the 3rd and then videos on the Instagram from then-on. 29th -3rd will be a run up online campaign.
LM: Can we make a hamper for a friendship giveaway.
LD: Random name generator.
JS: We could do it on the Instagram and then post the nice thing about them.
AK: Can you make the brunch really low key – don’t make it about loneliness to make it accessible.
LM: So, if the media campaign progressed trough the week so by the end it was about seeing your friends as a lead into the brunch.
MM: Don’t make the brunch too much like “bring your friends” because what if someone doesn’t have one.
AK: Yeah just say that a group will be meeting for brunch and everyone is welcome.
OW: Yeah, everyone is welcome to come.
BS: It will be nice for hungover people who will have been at the fashion show.

LM: The DU have scouting cards- and they call them compliment cards. We’d sit outside the dining hall where people can take a compliment card for them to be able to give people compliments so we don’t have to deliver them.
LM: I also want another give away. I want to give away the lush valentine range. I don’t know what the excuse could be.
MM: Surely for shag week.
LM: It’s very shag week.
IN: You can bulk buy carnations cheap and we could put messages in them.
LM: For the palentines bath bomb….
BS: People describe how to be a good friend.
AH: Could nominate a friend who has been a good friends and then they get.
AK: Instead of it being ways to be a good friend, it could be the story of how people became friends which could be cyute.
IN: For shag week we could put comments in condoms and then people have to pop them to find out the comments. They could be facts about sexual health.
AK: They are lubey and the bar would spell and the bar staff would hate us.
JOW: We could hang them up.
LM: Generic postering- we are after ones to do with body positivity to run alongside the fashion show and then also ones to do with loneliness and helping a friend.
JS: Minority week will be either the 11th Feb or 18th Feb but most likely the latter.
Welfare comm member who wishes to remain unidentified: I could put body positivity posters in the toilets of fashion show.
AK: I think KU would be down with that.
JS: Shag week will be either the first or second week of march.
JOW: Loneliness will be 29th January to the 3rd February.
ACTION POINT: LM to put all these dates into the JCR calendar.
JS: We will probably have another meeting before shag week.
IN: In shag week can we do a thing where we do lube roulette?
AK: It’s against uni policy to do any drinking games.