HH and assisstants leading
Campaign promise: talking to each other about our problems – ties in with Movember – men’s health and mental health – not exclusive to guys – inclusive for all.
In past, had posters up in bar and around college – got the old ones but want new ones as well. No. of events too – first, hoping for the 11th Nov: cuths café
– Chilled atmosphere – drop-ins make it sound like it has to be serious – cuths café is where everyone can come – chill – free food, hot chocolate etc – don’t need to have welfare issues – might come if they have something that they might not have come to for a drop in
– Also thinking of getting nightline involved in that

Two more events: charity formal – 29th – tickets be some amount extra – go to a charity of our choosing.
And acoustic night – movember let’s talk themed acoustic night – get in touch with alt soc – throughout the month put a letterbox in the JCR – people anon put something in there, a motivational message or something to get off their chest or a mental health fact, then on acoustic night put them all together as a mural
People agree that it’s a good idea

Summary: posters, cuths café, charity formal and acoustic night.

Role Overview
Not sure how clear it is what you guys do: want to be like you choose what campaigns you want to do – v flexible – things you’re interested in, don’t have to do things you’re not comfortable with or just don’t have time for. You’re all here cos you all have good ideas – more people = more representative of college – help make the campaigns more relevant. Want you guys to be known by the college – thinking of having either on fb or round college, all your faces on a poster with a thing about you or funny thing etc so people can actually come to you and know who you are.
If people are good at making memes that would be fab. Thinking if everyone made one poster then we’d have a good number, we’d put the info online. Can people make templates?
H and HH both say they could
Last year huge campaign team but no specific tasks and no one didn’t know what they were meant to do and meant some people didn’t have stuff yet.
Idea for campaign manager for each indiv campaign – resources manager for getting things for it, budgets, booking rooms etc – media representative for fb posts etc. Will rotate round for diff campaigns so people get diff chances.

Everyone is interested in helping
So; media, resources and campaign manager.
No one immediately volunteers for campaign manager
– Maybe hard cos they don’t know what exactly is involved yet
Will then first split by media and resources and look at roles after

H says she’d rather do media – hands up for media
– H – BS – TG – J
– ES – O – BP – RD– BL – LN

For the events – posters ideally for everyone, but media will share them and make cover photos that have a list of events on for you to do – resources will print and stick them up, keep the receipts so we can get your money back.
For consistency of posters: templates – cuths welfare logo – movember logo – let’s talk logo
Also we could share posts and articles on the page too
Since no campaign manager yet, then maybe Laura could be resources head and Beth S you could be media head

Cuth’s café
Holly you got idea of what teams do for it?
Media – things to share and stuff, resource people maybe come down for a bit help set up and run. Noticed in frepping that fresh would often find freps than welfare since less intimidating, so good to have you guys
T-shirts to identify welfare? Don’t know the budget yet but maybe not stash, some colleges do but don’t know about how many, badges would be good.

Charity formal
Bar gets decorated – mental health facts printed – media publicise it to hell – cover photos and everything – resources lots of printing – and a cool photo frame with like moustaches and what not
Sticky moustaches and could do a snapchat filter!
Could have A5/A6 pieces of paper in the formal, which people could look at before they actually rip them up for notes
– This would be up to resources to do these sorts of things
Charity donations as well – we’ll all decide on a charity – they increase the ticket price and give to a charity – need to check that college don’t choose the charity themselves
Beth – email college and check the rules

Acoustic night
Finding out when they are – resources – LN message PE – maybe later in the month so have time for making letter boxes
BS will double check with college about putting up the letter boxes
– Don’t be discouraged if told no at first – college change their mind occasionally and can think about it differently – like do a google form about it

LJ is going to be doing a calendar about all the things that are going on. Also I might make a google doc that people can put any ideas on and we can look through them when it comes to doing a new campaign
For making the mural, we’ll meet up beforehand and do that. Also let us know when you do things or get replies and things. Also if you make a poster then put it on the group too. LN get in touch with PE soon as so we know what night we’re doing. I’ll make a watermark and template for posters tonight

With the poster with all our faces on – we could probably do cool profile picture frames
– Media have a look into that. The assistants will be allocating stuff, if you’re keen for something tell the assistants. Remember you don’t have to come to every event.

Next Campaign
Next campaign is going to be cuths equality and diversity, which we have a huge budget for for a big night in the bar
Also trans awareness is coming up, which could be tied in. On the 7th there’s a trans awareness meeting training thing if any of you want to come, could be helpful if any of you want to go into something welfare-y. CM also offered to do active bystander training for anyone that hasn’t done it – seeing something that’s not okay and what to do about it – maybe some time towards the end of this term