Present: CG (Communications Officer), EM (President), RJ (FCO), SM (Postgraduate and Mature Students’ SU Rep), RM (LGBT+ Rep), JS (Working Class Students’ Rep)

Apologies: JC (Vice-President), ES (Students with Disabilities Rep), EJ (SU Rep), LH (SU Rep)


Covid Core Position

Acknowledging impact of COVID 19 etc. students consulted, no increase in fees

Everyone likes the motion in general, CG thinks it’s ‘not bad’. ES has a long email about students but RM explains it’s to stop uni pushing through online degrees without consulting students

Silver Lining Accessibility

EJ abstain, ES agrees wholeheartedly e.g. 48 hour exam window benefit for students with disabilities

CG agrees with ES, general murmur of agreement

SM: What happened to motions at last meeting? Virus motions taking priority but is there a priority system? Unsure. Is there another assembly this term? Maybe.

Catlin doesn’t see a problem with having more than one at term

RM: If the theme of this assembly is covid stuff, it would be good to have another one

Academic Support

Specifically, academic advisers standardised

CG really likes, ES agrees and thinks it would be good. EJ says vote for this one as does the survey

RM thinks its good, esp combined honours cos we have a lot at Durham and they’re not as supported