St Cuthbert’s Island, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. EAM and JC have just finished their pilgrimage.

Present: EMM(President),JC(Vice-president),RJ(FCO),EAM(Students with Disabilities Rep)

Apologies: CG(Communications Officer),DR,EE(International Rep),JP,PE,RH,RT,SC

Absent: JR(Fluffy Socks Manager)


RJ: What meeting is this?

JC: Stash Comm.

RJ: So why am I here?

EMM: Ex-officio.

EAM: My feet hurt.

EMM: Are water bottles stash?

EAM: Ask the rugby club.

EMM: Look at my legs, they’re covered in dots.

EAM: You’re not alone in your bed.

EMM: LM is working for Aldi now.

RJ: That’s really good.

EMM: Lots of $$$.

RJ: Someone told me it’s really good, it might have been in Edinburgh though.

EAM: Stash question, can I come to a JCR meeting dressed as St Cuthbert?

EMM: Do what you want. Can you grow a beard?

EAM: No šŸ™

RJ: Use JC’ hair.

Fluffy Socks

RJ: How is fluffy socks gonna work?

EMM: It should continue.


*A church service begins in the remains of St Cuthbert’s house*

*Meeting adjourned so EAM and JC can attend the service*