In Spoons, over brunch. CG is writing a newsletter on a napkin.

Present: AK (president), EM (vice-president), AB (treasurer), EC (chair), MM (social chair), JC (postgraduate and mature students’ rep), MP (sports and societies chair), SM (communications officer), EB (librarian), RJ (FCO elect), CG (communications officer elect), MW (social chair elect), JR (facilities manager elect), SWC (chair elect), ES (senior welfare officer elect), AC (sports and societies chair elect)

Apologies: AJ (librarian elect), JG (facilities manager), LM (senior welfare officer), EP (outreach chair), SA (outreach chair elect), JB (international rep), EE (international rep elect)


RJ: Cochran’s a tanker

EC: Shut up

EM: Please talk

SM: Let’s talk about nothing

EM: Yeah

MP: I’m a vegan

EM: Is this a left sock or a right sock?

RJ: left

JR: What is a sock?

RJ: How was your film?

JR: It was good, it was about tigers

EC: SWC eats children

CG: I’m messy.

CG: I’m a size 5.5 in vans and 6 in other shoes

ES: That’s very specific

MM: The Cuth’s day budget is big

ES: What is going on?

RJ: 5 times 5 is 25

MP: I expect that to be noted down

RJ: What’s the capital of Peru?

CG: I don’t know.

RJ: Lima

MP: My favourite animal is a tiger

AB: Mine is a pterodactyl

*JR reads a recipe*

MP: Look at us

AB: Words words words

*EM reads menu*

CG: I love avocados

Meeting Adjourned

*The meeting is followed by a game of capture the flag in House 8 between those present.*