Wristbands ordered CG

Photobooth(s) – IR
– May have to use two companies
– No mirror
– Goofbooth have two!

Flower Wall – JO
– Overall around £300
– Still asking about hiring the whole wall
– Or could make ourselves with individual flowers

Reception Drinks music/Chrotonic Brass performing – RH (how much?)
– For both £180/hr – for cuths day set and summer ball sets
– Max 8 people

DJ – still in the process of finding
– Have contacted clubs but all seem kinda edgy
– Cat will contact venue about one

Lost Degree – AK send the contract over

Video – CM(feel free to delegate)
– No replies yet

Food ents – AL
– Popcorn + candy floss – 10.30-1
– Ice cream bike – 10.30-1
– Sweets – 10.30-1
– Burger van – 12-2

Decorations – centrepieces (Already Sorted), what else? Table favour ideas?
– 3 diff centrepieces
o Wood circle with vase
o Mini tree with fairy lights
o Candelabras with ivy or lights
– Favours: fairy/butterfly cakes
– Petals on tables
– Gold stars
– Glitter and call it fairy dust

Coaches staggered and different
– Can’t do outside SU anymore
– Trevs, Freeman’s and Sutton Street

Promo photos on Saturday (after social comm photo in black tie) – Harry, where? what to wear? any props? CM do we have any left over sweet bags from feast? JCR camera
– Popcorn
– Hula hoop
– Juggling things
– Glitter
– Suitable summary clothing

Food – A? and DT, poll results
– Pizza
– Green guerrilla
– Smoothies and juices
– Spud gun loaded fries
– Ice cream van!!
– Snow cones?
– College hot dogs and veggie burgers

Ents – IR, AK, CG, poll results
– Asked to book the meltdown
– Helter skelter
– Bungee run
– Inside?

Photographers – JB
– No progress
– A friend hasn’t replied
– Got more to get in touch with

Wristbands – anyone want a job?
– SA

Pole dancing society – willing to do a performance – aerial performance?

Stilt people, magicians, clowns, bubble people etc

Robbie tribute